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(user gone) on April 15th, 2006 / post 3969
Hi lads,

I am about to upload a big pack with Krivit's sets i managed to complete during quite some years.

Here is the list of the sets, unfortinately the tracklists are not included but if/when I find some, i sure will put them here in this topic!
Body and Soul Party 24-11-2002 5 parts
Body and Soul Party with F.kevorkian and J.Claussell date unknown 4 parts
10 days off 2003 2 parts
@The Basement 23-02-2003 (my favorite!!!)
live @ Square One, Chicago with Ron Trent 04-04-2002
live @ Groove Temple, Chicago 29-01-2005
@ Liz Magic Monday 20-08-2004 4 parts (another favorite!)

Enjoy those beautiful deep house sets with some funky tunes in it so now and then!
All of them in 192kbps except Body and Soul ft Kevorkian part 1, which is 160kbps but sounds great and it'd be ashame to not include it in this package as well :-)

Let me know if you dig these packages cause I have more of them in my collection.
Next upload if this succeed:
Lenny Fontana @ Basement
Norman Jay @ Basement and @ Notting Hill Festival from 2002 - 2004 :smile:
slash ProDanceCulture on April 15th, 2006 / post 3971
first of all i would like to say, this is the first time i hear a name like this. so if you don't mind, to go by the rules, [offer] the best mix of his in special section, upload it and see if users like the dj, then you can go ahead and think about this mega-pack, but for now 1 mix will be more than enough.
Ale user on January 29th, 2014 / post 62196

I have the 4 parts of Echoes Krivit 20-8-2004

do you want sharing with me?

What have you of Danny's file mp3?
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