rules on posting videos, page 1

slash ProDanceCulture on December 8th, 2011 / post 42447
this section is for videos only, and for EDM scene related videos, not for "funny kittens" or "epic fail" videos, please, try to keep those in other sections, like all chat section. this section, however, is only for:

  • music videos,
  • club night videos,
  • track release videos,
  • party videos,
  • great dance videos,
  • festival videos,
  •  all kinds of Dance Music Related videos

    the easiest way is to post videos, something like this =QtK8pcLQXXX

    starting a new thread, give it a meaningful name. usually it should be either 1 video per thread, or 1 artist per thread, or 1 party per thread, 1 club per thread. please, do not start a topic "Music Videos", just name topics (threads) according to 1 or more videos that will be posted there. we can survive 100 topics with 1 video per topic, but having 1 topic with 100 videos will be very heavy on the browser, generating even 20 video-players at once might crash Flash and will frustrate the users.. let's be courteous of each other and keep enjoying our videos, not shoving them into each other. thanks!

    lets all enjoy some good quality videos and keep it real, too!!
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