why Torrent Trackers are better than Direct Download Sites

slash ProDanceCulture on August 20th, 2009 / post 30591
here i've thought group discussion might bring out a vast variety of reasons why Tribalmixes.com as a Torrent Tracker is better than Direct Download Sites, which are recently popping up like mushrooms after rain. when many significant reasons are brought to attention, this thread will be summarized and placed onto the main index page to show up for un-logged-in users. hopefully that will show them... =)

anyways, let me start with main few, everyone is welcome to chip in!!!

  • torrent download speeds are generally higher since many sources exist simultaneously (for well seeded torrents), especially with users' personal upload rates growing everywhere in the world nowadays.
  • daily access to many sets produced and shared locally by our registered users for TribalMixes Radio or the tracker's community itself.
  • ...
  • moocowdanstar Moderator on August 20th, 2009 / post 30592
    Yes i have a few Slash, I will get around to listing them in the morning. I am just about to fall asleep. Night!
    Willy84vip Bongaz on August 20th, 2009 / post 30594
    Sets will never Die you will always find someone to seed it , thanks to the ratio rules  ;-)
    forrostarlightning Kritikal Audio on August 20th, 2009 / post 30595
    subscribe, most important: higher dld speed (at least for me, everytime)
    2. some torrent clients can be set to automatically dld sets as soon as they are uploaded.
    3. torrent trackers have the tendance to create communities so the sharing is well ensured ( 0day type)

    these are the things that came up in my mind ...

    and a P.S.: here, I have 1 account -> I can download anything I want, no worries...instead, the other option where files are uploaded on rapidshare, up'to,hotfile etc... you got to wait x seconds, pop'ups commercials, trojans. Annoying
    moocowdanstar Moderator on August 21st, 2009 / post 30603
    I think Willy has got the best reason thus far and one that i thought was important.

    - That torrents that have been uploaded over the past 4 years are still available, not being removed after, 12 weeks or 6 months like some public trackers. It is nice to have the latest but it is nice to have those classics available to you when a hdd crashes or you here a track from the past. Promoting the reseed key - also having the list of reseeds more easily available.
    - A torrent file you only have to download the file once. Direct download sites often you experience broken file links.
    - I saw Mades mentioning the Lottery as not only a drawcard and a little fun, but also as a way to improve ratios. This is something that is unique to TM.

    I am sure that more will come to mind over the next day or two.

    Willy84vip Bongaz on August 21st, 2009 / post 30605
    For TM we can say the E browser is like a museum or a library for any information on the most popular Djs or shows , also how to reach them , plus schedules for shows and direct links to their websites  ;-)
    madesstar house addict on August 23rd, 2009 / post 30643

    - speed
    - torrent information (size, filename, bitrate, votes)
    - history
    - old torrents
    - easy search (finally  ;-) )
    - upload rules (no doubles..)
    - no waiting times, no need to buy premium accounts


    - just typical torrent ones with network connection (seeding)
    - for some people layout, you need to get used for it, after that, it works perfectly
    KSvip V.I.P. on August 23rd, 2009 / post 30644
    The main advantage of torrents in general as compared to download sites is that you can see if it's a good one or not.
    A download site is 1 source, and if that's a bad one, no one will know. Someone who downloaded it will just delete it and move on, someone else who wants to download it won't know it's bad.
    If a torrent is bad it won't have many seeds, and you will see a good torrent having a lot of seeds, so you can judge the quality before possibly wasting bandwith/volume instead of afterwards.
    This also gives a community a lot more control over the quality of what's available.
    IB1starvip Moving Biology on August 24th, 2009 / post 30657
    All the above reasons
    Music is physics brought to life with biology.
    IB1starvip Moving Biology on August 24th, 2009 / post 30658
    We are sharing what we like with other people :-).

    In a sense this gives any individual  more of a internet identity.Anyone can go look at what your sharing & instantly have some idea of your tastes in music.
    Also a sense of community.Once again the general taste's of that community can be seen  by how many torrents are being downloaded & how many are being reseeded.

    In essence this means we are not just a group of random numbers downloading whatever is available or sold to us or our musical taste's/identity's  being shaped by the 'music industry' .

    You can see this kind of  selling at work for example in the fashion industry among many other industry's that survive by constantly having to sell more products ' .The fashion industry, being a industry to it's self.Designers get together, come up with the 'New look', then this new look is sold to the millions who believe their cool because their wearing the new look.A manufactured look  that's thought up by someone else then sold to them with direct advertising or promotion - I.E - latest boy band wearing that design etc..  ,

    But a sharing community like tribal-mixes  is a group of individuals making more informed choice's of what we download & then seeding/sharing what we like. Thus having a voice to shape the music to match our more informed musical tastes .

    As another comparison :-

    Their are many examples in the modern world today that could be said to be extremely wasteful of the available resource's . Something is made from a resource , purchased ,used, then thrown away as rubbish most probably ending up in a land fill.This is a extremely short sighted and short lived way that any community can survive .

    If people lived more like a community we would be able to share more of these resources.A simple example is a typical street with a row of 10 house's . Each house having it's own Lawnmower.So resource's taken from the earth for 10 Lawnmowers.If these 10 house's had family's that lived as a close community they could quite easily share 1 lawnmower thus saving 'times 9' less resources .
    Or even better stop cutting the grass where it is not used for recreation & allow your lawn to eventually become a natural haven for wild flowers thus attracting insects thus bringing back the birds & other wildlife.
    Look at any motorway.Thousands of cars all going to the same place's but not many sharing their means of transport with others, because we have fallen into ways of living that do not bring many people together.

    Discrimination , competition  , sex , colour etc etc etc ,

    ONLY IGNORANCE & LACK OF KNOWLEDGE separates us from one another!

    The Ideology of a sharing site like Tribal mixes is a blueprint for the future if their is going to be a wealthy future.

    And because we are all living within the  :whistle: Rhythm of life :whistle:  the 1 & only thing that can  bring all humanity together to share as 1, which in REALITY we already are ,sharing as a Global community of human beings  is:-

    THE MUSIC  :whistle:  :thumbsup:

    So keep on sharing the information of music & maybe one day this will enlighten enough people to make our lifestyles & life's self sustainable .

    Sharing makes things more balanced & balance is the key to a happy healthly lifestyle for all.
    Music is physics brought to life with biology.
    mohamedbashastar Little Death on May 2nd, 2010 / post 34505
    you see your uploads flourish (not in my case) back to the point, you see uploads flourish in a sense that you get thanks from users, or there is competition to see who uploads first etc

    that makes the private torrent environment feel more like a place you would want to frequent.

    and all the above of course
    La petite mort
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