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IB1starvip Moving Biology on May 14th, 2009 / post 29659

A lot of the music on this site is played @ clubs.Place's where people come together, listen & dance to the music .Throughout human history there has been music & dance gatherings, from the early settlements of humans in tribes to the modern day equivalent of big commercial outdoor dance/music festivals.

THe music shared on this site,especially the tech-house,tribal & to some extent the minimal music is similar to the music being played by groups of people coming together to play actual instruments & dance together .

I'm interested in the experience of tribalmixes users.Life Experience of the environments they live in .Is it usual for you to hear/see people playing drums/instruments on a 'normal' daily basis in the placers you live?.
I'm not talking about commercial clubs or individual people playing music on speakers etc.I'm talking about the strength of the actual 'music community' of the people you share your environments with.

It would be of great interest I feel to maybe even find out WHICH COUNTRY ( OR VILLAGE ,TOWN ETC) IS THE STRONGEST MUSIC COMMUNITY ON EARTH?

Let me start off.

The place I live, though a very beautiful and scenic place  being surrounded by mountains, has not got much of a music community, if any.The community I live with are more interested in other things than the music(material wealth,possesions,careers,other non music hobbies, jogging not dancing etc etc etc).Of course their will be individuals whom enjoy music.But the ideals of the politics where I live have made not so much a united community, but more lots of fragmented groups doing different things together. Their is no real sense of how important the music is,if it is thought about or listened to at all it's treated  like a mere trivial entertainment similar to Television.THe peoples beliefs seem to be a mix up of creationism & evolution, but the majority don't seem to be entirely sure what to really believe and in fact I don't even think they believe it really matters.

In Reality,fact, & pure logical reason the music is the progressive force needed to enable  any community to continue to grow & prosper indefinitely .

Basically I am going to eventually  live with people whom not only share my passion for dance music.But are AWARE enough to realise that life without music & dance is essentially a life not fulfilled.Music is the fabric, the rhythmical glue, the one thing that can make a true community of individual people all sharing a common wisdom/truth live within the reality of what they actually are made of,thus be  healthy . & that is the base of a community that will grow & prosper like no other has ever before.

So who ls lucky enough to live within a relatively healthy & growing music community? if anybody? at present time! given how human society likes to destroy it's self every now and then, basically because it's not based on truth- The Rhythm of life
Music is physics brought to life with biology.
gwendevip shinelikestars on May 14th, 2009 / post 29663
Nice topic IB1 :-)

I remember when a was young the Morris Dancers used to pay a visit .. most people came outside to watch them, that was the only time the community got together .
where i'm living now - no chance .

IB1starvip Moving Biology on May 15th, 2009 / post 29665
gwende wrote:
I remember when a was young the Morris Dancers used to pay a visit .. most people came outside to watch them, that was the only time the community got together .

Hehe oh yes the Traditional Morris dancers  :lol: . I see you live in the UK too.
There are a number of growing   'Drumming Groups' in the UK  but  all having to play somewhere that they do not 'Disturb' the majority .Though sometimes they are 'allowed out  ;-) ' to play at public performance's.

The noise of traffic or industrial noise in public placers has become a accepted norm, without too much regard of how this may effect the state of a healthy 'sound of mind', whilst the sound of music is now either only allowed in certain clubs or groups,placers at controlled times in public or as a completely private affair with headphones or not too loud speakers by individuals.

Of course there is the UK club scene which as a single commercial music entity is vibrant & healthy as we can hear by the mixers that are coming out of it on

THe music it's self is as always playing within all societys on earth.One day their has to be a 'coming together' because that's how nature works .

Anyone else living somewhere other than the UK where this music coming together ( Tribal gathering ) is happening or where because of Isolation from outside interference the music community has not been broken up? .Or been silenced as a group & forced into fragmented smaller groups which in a way is what has happened throughout human music culture  history

Call them Sound splinter cells maybe.  :cool:
Music is physics brought to life with biology.
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