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slash ProDanceCulture on April 27th, 2009 / post 29479
i wanted to start such a topic, but the idea in my head was brought out by a very distant memory, well, not so distant, but really unforgettable... i thought it from some science fiction, but later carefully considering is again and again, i'm settling on some kind of real explanation...

anyways, it's a very fast one... i was rolling out of my mind on the rave party BOO FINAL in club Ministry of Sound in New York, that was October 2003... damn... almost 6 years ago. i visited 2-3 BOOs before that one as open air events, the last one was taken to a club... anyways, i'm out there on main dance-floor with glowsticks tied up with laces to my fingers, jumping around, spinning them glowsticks, and i'm quite good with that (so little people left who can spin them nicely)... some people standing around watching me... anyway, after i finally slowed down and stepped to the wall to sip some drink or whatever, an older woman approached me (honestly don't remember, maybe late 40-s, it was dark), she explained that she was bringing a younger (early 20-s) friend of hers who was rolling for the first time, she was watching over that friend cause she was quite experienced, rolled hundreds of times... told me i was quite good spinning and she and her friend were amused and enjoyed the show... and then she asked me: were you born in April, maybe 7th, 14th or 21st? and what do you know... my bd is april 7th...

at the party i was busy with dancing and other stuff, but later next day i remembered this event, and it stuck in my head for all these years... yeah, later i came to realize, that her experience over the years, maybe someone else danced like me and she knew later, maybe i've put some of my aries-ness into the dance... dunno.. but what i do know is... noone ever guessed my bd before. =)

anything crazy happened to you?
Willy84vip Bongaz on April 28th, 2009 / post 29482
Well I don't think that I had a very weird thing or crazy in raves , maybe once in 2004 I drank a whole JD Bottle alone and after that I was the event ppl were dancing on Seb's music and watching what am doing as a funny show in the Rave I was falling and rolling and running  :blush: after this gig I never got drunk in a rave :-D and I stayed with the pills it's safer and less humiliating . :lol:
gwendevip shinelikestars on May 14th, 2009 / post 29654
A guy who i used to talk to while clubbing .. always thought he was Cat Deeley when he was on pills  :unsure:  :lol: definetly one of lives mysteries !
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jasontheturklightning Power User on May 15th, 2009 / post 29675
If we talk about crazy, lets just say "dying in clubs" must be the one!
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