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willydebillylightning I´m listening on April 19th, 2014 / post 63832
new poll: the new changes from april 19th
brytekvip lock it in on June 15th, 2014 / post 64837
Poll for favorite/best music festival? :-D
Beertje23lightning on August 13th, 2014 / post 65459
Empty lotery tickets should no be in the raffle.




Greetz Beertje
Mors Certa, Hora Incerta..
leon_cookevip Carpe Diem on August 14th, 2014 / post 65474
brytek wrote:
Poll for favorite/best music festival? :-D

Yup great Idea  :clap2:   Slash can we do this poll next ? Would be interesting to see which Fest comes out on top ?
moocowdanstar Moderator on August 14th, 2014 / post 65475
leon_cooke wrote:
brytek wrote:
Poll for favorite/best music festival? :-D

Yup great Idea  :clap2:   Slash can we do this poll next ? Would be interesting to see which Fest comes out on top ?

Leon, Brytek, which festivals would you have in your top ten?

I mean you both have very different music tastes....
slash ProDanceCulture on August 15th, 2014 / post 65478
yes, brytek. good idea. please come up with 12 names you think deserve to be in that poll, and i will set up a new one.
brytekvip lock it in on August 15th, 2014 / post 65479
I really have no clue, but here's the ones I know of.

Ultra Music Festival
Electric Daisy Carnival
Electric Zoo
Sonar Festival
Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE)
EXIT Festival
Time Warp

As moocowdan said, we all have very different tastes in music, so please do swap out a festival for one I have missed, I'm still pretty clueless to all the festivals that happen around the world, as I have never really left New Zealand, apart from going to Australia.
leon_cookevip Carpe Diem on August 15th, 2014 / post 65486
Global Gathering
Electric Daisy Fest
Dance Valley
Burning Man

That pretty much sums up the best Festies across the globe. I know which gets my vote !  Would be interesting to see what wins (Prob wont be my vote i'm thinking)
IB1starvip Moving Biology on August 16th, 2015 / post 68001

String theory is a broad and varied subject that attempts to address a number of deep questions of fundamental physics.

Poll Question: If scientists using instruments to measure matter,e.g. the The Large Hadron Collider find ,measure,quantify etc that string theory has a high probability of being correct,  will this influence how you understand what you are made of and how will this evidence effect the electronic music you listen to?.

1. Not at all!,  I make up my own mind of what I am, based on belief and I like music that has lyrics that reflect this belief.

2. It will make me question many of the things I have been told are true and in time transform electronic music into a profound universal language.

3. It will help me understand many of the deep feelings that music helps me feel and I will seek more intelligently produced dance music.

4. Many Artists/Dj's are scientifically illiterate thus  will continue to make music to their own agenda and science will continue to explain/measure  a reality which doesn’t match their agenda.

5. Who cares! it's only another scientific theory.Just like Evolution, one day it will be disproved by (insert religion of choice) .

6. The scientific proving of string theory will really make all my dreams true, though it may take a very long time for this evidence to filter down into the mainstream awareness of your average electronic  music producer.

7. It will change how I understand myself and hopefully artists/Dj,s will then make more music of a far higher quality than many do now, featuring intelligent evidenced based content rather than the shit-loads of lyrical dribble that many mixes feature at present.

8. Music means different things to different people, what music actually is or how it is actually physically produced is irrelevant to most.Thus music will remain a background sound to the masses as they get on with their irrelevant unsustainable lifestyles.

9. Because music can only be heard if a physical movement is produced (even imagining music takes biological energy) .The discovery of physical particles that add more evidence to string theory as a unifying theory of all existence, will in time, change all human culture. Conflict within our species will be recorded in books, something that happened in the dark ages of human evolution.  Music will be used and produced to communicate extremely complex meaning and help develop our social bonds. As we will comprehend that a caring Global human family is fundamental if we are to survive some of the challengers ahead of us.
Music is physics brought to life with biology.
Seraiel Fanatic on September 12th, 2015 / post 68216
I suggest a new poll, because the current one imo is already quite old.

If multiple votes on a poll are possible, ask: "How many of the new features / changes on tribalmixes did you recognize?"

If only one option is possible, ask: "Which new feature / change on tribalmixes do you like the most?"

Making the users aware that change is in progress could help with increasing activity.
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