transfer of torrents and mp3 between PCs

bo12starvip V.I.P. on January 21st, 2006 / post 1299
I use 2 computers - one desktop at home and one notebook at work.
At work the connection is pretty nice - although I'm not able to open ports :) (of course not)
Actually I have now a lot of torrents and mp3 on my notebook. But the HD is pretty small...

Both computers are connected via WLAN. I can easyly transfer data. That's not the point. I use uTorrent on both PCs.

How are the steps to make the notebook torrents seed on my desktop at home?

I think this issue is interesting for some other users as well.

Thanks for your answers.
slash ProDanceCulture on January 21st, 2006 / post 1309
what do you mean 'torrents from notebook to seed at home'?
is it 'i want to be able to seed from notebook and from home at the same time'?
or you want to see from your home and edit torrents seeding at notebook at work?

cause if first, than i know the solution, but it is not yet implemented on website. if second - i don't even know... :)
bo12starvip V.I.P. on January 22nd, 2006 / post 1318
okay. I forgot to mention that I've my notebook with me all the time. I leech music during work and when I'm at home I want 1st: to transfer them to my desktop to have free hd space for the next day and 2nd: I want them to seed from my home desktop.

There are 3 scenarios:
- only notebook in work are on ("on" means uTorrent running)
- both PCs are on. at home and at work (of course via differents IPs and internet acccess points)
- both PCs are on at home (same IP and internet connection)
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