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spaced1lightning Power User on December 5th, 2005 / post 692
ok so i read the faq and couldnt find anything on torrent not regesterd. Im sure there is somthing there about it but im sorry some call it ADDAD i call it got to much going on to sit and read for an hour. Pardon the hast but i have alot of live sets and need alot more have a 10mb t3 connection so i can send and get quick. The prob is is that it says its 100% seeded and the tracker says its rejected the torrent because its not registered im registered, now its timing out i have changed ports to in the range that is in faq so where is the bad connection comming from and were do i reg torrent. thanks for the help
slash ProDanceCulture on December 5th, 2005 / post 694
i've read this a few times. very hard story.. but i see you've got it?
spaced1lightning Power User on December 5th, 2005 / post 695
I DID...LOL SOMETIMES ADD PAYS OFF LACK OF PATIANCE one question what color are my seeding torrents going to be and thanks i think i got it it says im seeding anyway i have the download i just got is green and the ones i sent which havent goten downloaded yet are red is that going to be right?
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