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daxigualightning big watermelon on October 2nd, 2017 / post 71532
haha, cheers back with a glass of nice Chinese yellow wine!
RichTeestar ReSiDeNtAdViSoR on March 18th, 2022 / post 75791
Just curious... how many old school 'music hoarders' are still out there amongst us?
munkynstar Moderator on March 18th, 2022 / post 75794
I'm hoarding till the very end :)
Ghizy APW on August 31st, 2022 / post 76290
700gb so far
munkynstar Moderator on September 6th, 2022 / post 76306
munkyn wrote:
RichTee wrote:
munkyn wrote:
Amateurs! 1.1TB on a network share

Amateur :D :P  

1.5T    /nfs/mount/Music/
361G    /nfs/torrents/downloads/

- Nice to see the old veterans are still here ;-) :strongbench:

Last time I checked it was about 3.5 TB, spread over 4 (ageing) USB HDDs. Used to be a lot more, but I cleared out a stack of old shite to make some room recently. A fair bit of cheesy Trance went in the bin!

No idea now many house/techno/trance CDs I have bought over the years, but there are several hundred packed into cardboard boxes still waiting to be ripped to mp3...!

Very nice Rich indeed. Aye still here..always am mate! Mines all on a RAID5 (as Igot sick of usb HDD ramdomly failing  whem they never actually moved)(down here (5Tb on a 9Tb HW with one slot left in my nas) and tup' narth...I have RAID 1 3tb spare capacity, but thats for other 'shit' including music, so more than enough space for now! :D

5 years on... the last slot has been filled just recently.. tips hat to Richg for all the recent stuff you ripped and uploaded to me...upto checking  I have 3.5T on the NAS, probably another few hundred gig knocking around that has not been copied across, I'd say I covered for a while..  :thumbsup:
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