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Hi, I am an English language teacher in a small French town in Lisette. It's down South, so we have only one class each school year. Sometimes we even have classes that are divided into different classes. But this isn't about our difficulties. Since our school is among the least frequented in the region it is proposed to reduce its size to a parking area so that all students can take buses to the principal school district. I'm fine with it, as it'll improve my situation, as they will guarantee me continued employment and more money if the school shuts down.

We are continuing to study in the meantime. Our favorite thing to do: Pick some of the most famous videos from Youtube and attempt to translate them into our own language. It's not easy as sometimes we run into bad language, slang, or the occasional slur. We don't make use of those terms and instead try different ones. It can be reports on TV shows, celebrities actors, celebrities, and TV shows. Other times it's rap that starts. I discovered that the majority of the time, we would run into garbage talk. So, I began making videos at home and then censor them however I could and choose videos with better talk as well as more information, so that they are not just curse words riding on dirty accusations. There is no internet access at school due to the fact that we live far away from the internet towers. Sometimes, plans to view Youtube videos are put off because of this.

I downloaded videos from Youtube prior to every lesson. This enabled me to speedily screen the content and increase the value of the content. I can either keep the video if it is useless, or delete it to move to the next lesson. I typically download around 10-15 videos per lesson. It also removes ads from the video, which is very very good as I don't want my children to see the ads I play at my home. It's a violation of privacy in my opinion. In keeping only half the content in mind, I put up about 1.5 to 2 hours worth of videos. Children are cruel, they shout at certain videos, and are awestruck by others. I have no idea that there is a pattern within that.

The process I use to prepare my playlist is easy. I first locate the videos I'd like to download and put them in an album I've kept secret. Following that I copy the URLs and then go to one of the three websites that could aid me. Converto is the first one, followed by Y2mate. If that doesn't work the first time, I'll attempt 2conv. It's typically the last option to try since it occasionally is compatible with German videos. But it doesn’t like playlists. Converto works perfectly with video playlists. You can view every video within it and then it'll suggest downloading the original videos in a sequence or convert them in the format of mp3/mp4. Converto is secure, doesn't include ads, at least not currently. It also comes in several languages so it can be very useful for people all over the globe.

Y2mate is second choice, sometimes it is first since I'm aware that the previous choice won't work and it's not really a big issue, but I do dislike that Y2mate has so many redirects, advertising full-screen banners, etc. It's very commercial and difficult to use, and it continually distracts you from popups. Similar to 2conv but they are more like static banners so are more stylish. There are translations available to different languages, but they are not as good than the original. These are more secure, but they could still be dangerous and potentially malware if you accept their advertising. Therefore, be cautious if this is what you choose. There is also less websites that download videos and then convert them to mp3 and 4 so it is not since they don't.

In the end, I prefer to work with famous people instead of newer websites. Those have proven their survival abilities, and they are able to survive in spite of constant scrutiny from the authorities, labels Big Sound, and such. I like it when I am confident that the website I'm looking to access will remain online. It works perfectly so I went back to Youtube. I would recommend giving it a go.
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