How YouTube to mp4 converter app helped me get my school diploma quicker

slash ProDanceCulture on June 24th, 2022 / post 76077
There's been a lot of discussion regarding the legality and validity of downloading Youtube videos to convert to offline files that you can store on your computer. I have been following the main developments of online mp3 convertors being under scrutiny and being brought to court to help users from all over the world. But here, I'd like to share the details of my own experience. While I don't advocate anyone doing what I do I can see no harm in it. I also see benefits of "DVRing" videos from Youtube to view later.

I am the only one to benefit. I was able to complete my Bachelors in college degree online within just three years. This included 2 evening and part-time jobs and also being a full-time worker to support my family. I don't mean the Devry miracle or any other hyped online school. I attended my local college and did not receive particular programs or benefits. I was charged the same as others and received aid from the government just like them.

I was mostly in charge of walking and sitting in one of the two tasks. It was an unimaginative job to be a security guard. But I was able to enjoy it and gave me lots to do. The great thing about an online schools is that it operates all hours of the day, so I could complete my assignments and send them early in the morning to the professor. I later realized that the majority of the lectures were hosted on Youtube, Vimeo, and covered under specific titles that did not allow visitors to walk through. Only users with access URLs knew what was happening.

And so I started copying these videos onto my laptop before heading to work. Internet was extremely slow at times, cause of the remote location of work sites, and so for me to be able to study properly I needed to have whole video on my laptop prior to when I left for work. Otherwise, a couple of such sessions were lost due to a block in workflow after the internet vanished or didn't show up.. This is where the free online Youtube to mp4 converter worked its magic. In order to convert Youtube video URLs to my laptop's memory clipboard, I simply needed to copy the URL and then click the submit button. The program would show me several options for downloading that were organized according to the audio quality and size. I could then convert YouTube video to mp3 or continue until the Mp4 converter is available. It offers several options for downloading videos mp4.

I could maximize my leisure time through lectures via my laptop. This enabled me to complete my Bachelor of IT with two semesters earlier than others. I just hope my next job allows me for some learning downtime. It's a great experience.
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