Young DJs must invest in high quality music. It's absurd to play with low-bitrate mp3s.

slash ProDanceCulture on June 16th, 2022 / post 76056

I'm not a DJ. I listen. This is what this has been my mantra. I attempted DJing in high school and college and couldn't keep up with what the other DJs did. To be completely sincere, I had neither the imagination or the ears to be a DJ. I would often miss the beat and change to 7th instead of 8th. There were many other factors that made DJing a challenge. However, I'm a devoted fan. I can listen to the mistakes of a DJ and know the meaning behind them. But, I don't know how to entertain my audience endlessly for hours.

If you're considering becoming DJ, don't be discouraged. My story should not stop you from going after your goals. I am a firm believer in being open to changes and doing what you enjoy. Do what you want and be yourself. DJs, like all other individuals require constant assistance in absorbing reality. It is crucial to assist them be aware of what's going on in the world and around their role in it. A new trier DJ shouldn't convert Youtube music to mp3 since it isn't allowed according to their terms of service and does not meet the needs of our ears with regards to the quality of sound. The quality of sound of any music video, or any other type of video, is limited to 128kbps. M4A containers can produce 160kbps. I hope this does not confuse anyone. If you are a DJ/computer music lover like me you'll realize that mp3 can store up to 320 kbps in audio quality. It's great, but it doesn't have the same sound quality that MP3, which is compressed by cutting out low and high frequencies. The final sound is not complete. When played with 320kbps MP3, deep house music isn't particularly deep. When you play it on a vinyl is like listening to crystal clear audio - the richness of the sound makes crystal glasses.

An amateur DJ shouldn't waste their time and money on low-quality copies of popular songs. To get access to a whole collection of high-quality audio that can be remixed or mix-ups, it's an excellent idea to join to Juno Download, Fruity Loops, or Beatport. The powerful bass can make an mp3 with low quality sound great with its amazing bass. This is the sound that mp3 typically lacks: great bass.

But knowing that should not make new DJ feel at ease. Do not forget to enhance your music each day. That's the reason why great musicians and entertainers. You should always invest in your equipment to achieve the best outcomes, the most realistic live sets, a club dancing mood, and most importantly the most enjoyable times for your young ones. They'll be back when they're dancing to good beats. It's the norm.
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