new server is coming...

slash ProDanceCulture on May 2nd, 2021 / post 75268

we've purchased much newer, stronger, faster, overall x10 better server and will be moving current 2TB behemoth of TM Radio and 200k torrents and 100k images of the tracker from current server to the new one over the next weeks, then it'll be setting it up and testing resilience, but in the end we'll have a super fast server with 128GB RAM and 1gbps uplink, it'll be awesome..

PS just writing something in this forum section... it's been years.. =)
slash ProDanceCulture on May 2nd, 2021 / post 75269
also TM turns 16 years old in a few days, yay...
ReenTeenTeen Party Monster on May 6th, 2021 / post 75282
Mind as well well mark the territory too: REENTEENTEEN WAS HERE!!!   :oldtimer:

TM,  :thankyou:
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