Tribalmixes next evolution versions :wizard:

AMDx4Dvip CRAZY DiAMOND on January 26th, 2021 / post 75069
Sorry for my English :-)
I propose tokenize points into a business model based on cryptocurrencies. With the ability to exchange for other popular crypto assets in a special internal exchange. In this way, you can create a model that has not yet been thought of for sure by any of the sites such as soundcloud, mixcloud, etc. Hobbies turn into earnings for many active and newly arriving users. The quality of the content will increase significantly, and in the future, Djs themselves will be able to more actively participate in the download of new sets with the possibility of monetizing them. Tribalmixes has an excellent ecosystem for realizing these opportunities!
slash ProDanceCulture on January 28th, 2021 / post 75074
where will the crypto come from?
AMDx4Dvip CRAZY DiAMOND on January 30th, 2021 / post 75076
The main advantage of the blockchain system is the honesty and transparency of transactions. I will consider the most optimal option, because creating your own blockchain network is quite laborious. The Ethereum blockchain network, in turn, is the most flexible for creating various smart contracts (allows you to register your tokens). The creation of a token of the ERC-20 standard is the most popular among projects based on this cryptocurrency. Various options could be considered. There are tons of instructions on the Internet on how to do it yourself. Here is one of them: Next, you need to think about the financial part of the token (how many coins are in circulation, issue, etc.). Next, think over the implementation of the reward for participating in the Tribalmixes ecosystem in the existing economy, this is the main stage! When implementing a project, a TM token can be registered on an existing exchange platform, or on its own mini platform. Which in turn will allow you to exchange this token for any other cryptocurrency and vice versa.
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