how to use the files you've downloaded

hey guys, here's some info about common files that you can download from the this site and internet, and a little bit about using these files for their intended purposes. if you're stuck on what exactly a file is or how to open it maybe your answer lies ahead. if you dont' find your answer here, then please post in the "forum". so without further adieu lets get the show on the road!

torrent files


this is the first thing you get when trying to donwload something. this file is used by some of those programs which are designed to download actual files. so don't be disappointed when you try to open that file and media player never comes up, but some burst or bittornado does. those programs do the job of downloading the mixes described in .torrent file. basically the web site doesn't provide dj mixes to its members but more likely gives user information on how to get them mixes from other site users. if you are still unsure on how to use files you get from this web-site, please take a little time and get into the beautiful and most advanced bit-torrent technology by reading brian's bittorent faq and guide.

multimedia files


usually music files. play them with windows media player.


Many people have questions about M4A, since it is relatively new. M4A stands for MPEG 4 Audio, and it is a popular file extension used to represent audio files. Most people are familiar with MP3 and how it shrinks down the file size of songs and other audio files. M4A and MP4 do the same thing as MP3 does, but even better. Quality is better and file sizes are usually smaller than MP3 files. But unlike MP3, no licenses or payments are required to be able to stream or distribute content in M4A format (unlike MP3 which requires you to pay royalties on content you distribute in MP3 format). This fact alone, is more than enough reason (due to the extreme cost savings) to use M4A files instead of MP3 files. In addition, M4A files tend to sound much better than MP3 files encoded at the same bitrate.

.avi .mpg. .mpeg .divx .xvid .wmv

these files are usually videos from parties of clubs. they canbe viewed using various media players, but I suggest using windows media player. also, you'll need to make sure you have the right codecs to play each individual file. codecs are a tricky business sometimes so to help you out with your file and what exact codecs it needs try using gspot. it tells you what codecs you need. then just look on the net to find them, below are some common codecs and their download links for quick reference:

ffdshow (recommended! (plays many formats))
xvid codec
divx codec

compression files

.rar .zip .ace .r01 .001

these extensions are quite common and mean that your file(s) are compressed into an "archive".
this is just a way of making the files more compact and easier to download.
to open any of those archives listed above you can use winrar (make sure you have the latest version). although staff recommends you to share your torrents as raw files making directories as necessary if you have more than one file (such as nfo, desc, etc)..

other files

.txt .doc

these are text files. .txt files can be opened with notepad or watever you default text editor happens to be, and .doc are opened with microsoft word.


these contain information about the file you just downloaded, and it's highly recommended that you read these! they are plain text files, often with ascii-art. you can open them with notepad, wordpad, damn nfo viewer.

.jpg .gif .tga .psd

basic image files. these files generally contain pictures, and can be opened with adobe photoshop or whatever your default image viewer is.

if you have any suggestion/changes msg one of the admins/sysop!

this file was originally written by hussdiesel at filesoup, then edited by rhomboid and re-edited by slash. :)