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genre: 90's Techno

Quite possibly the best tune ever? :-)
Turn it up!!

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Ricky2k14 user wrote on August 28th, 2014
A remix which is equally as awesome.
slash ProDanceCulture wrote on August 28th, 2014
back then remixing was interesting, right? good stuff, first i thought i didn't get it, but then it caught up and i finally recognized the track, good times from some hard trance collection.. =)
Ricky2k14 user wrote on August 28th, 2014
Harthouse & Eye Q were what dance music was to me back in the 90's.
Good Ol' Sven Vath is all over these record labels.
You just can't play this stuff loud enough!

Remixes I don't mind but generally find most don't come close to the original, this being one of the exceptions.
Nice to find somebody with the same taste in hearing depreciation as me lol