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When an ordinary person is recognised at a young age for doing extraordinary things, it is easy to be misunderstood. Sasha, a musician in every sense of the word, may have fallen into that media led trap in the past, but now at 30 years young he forges ahead with projects that will finally allow people to understand who the man behind the myth really is.

The best DJs know that Djing is first about being able to read people and then about being able to tap into that human experience and take it on a journey. Sasha has always been →» read more...
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fluro user wrote on January 26th, 2015
First encountered Sasha upon hearing his "Wip3out" tracks. These aren't like his mixes, they're more fast-paced and fit the highspeed racing game exactly. If you ever encounter a PSX copy of that game, just buy it and you have a masterpiece of soundtrack.

His remixes are always worth to be listening to.

The mixes/sets are awesome - I yet have to encounter one which is at least showing some trail of boredom. I'd recommend to listen to every set of him.

His albums/compilations are again on another level: "Airdrawndagger" has its very own style, and "Involver" again is a world on its own - not to speak of the remixes he did for this. Last but not least the "Northern Exposure" compilations are also definitly worth a go.

Not one single piece of his work sounds yet outdated to me.
danc3_trauma@yahoo.com tribalmixr wrote on September 17th, 2015
I love you Sasha!!!
pornovd user wrote on October 22nd, 2016
Sasha is and was the best!!!
sharadanand user wrote on February 8th, 2017
Complete beat throbbing music !!
tine tribalmixr wrote on August 3rd, 2017
sasha is a fuckin' good dj, no doubt about it.....i remember listening 2 him years & years ago when he was mixin' the late, great whitney houston's stuff.....then of course sasha started doin' the essential mixes.....i saw him at lakota in bristol fackin' a helluva time ago (he was so good that me & my mate had 2 leave 'bout half-hour b4 the end coz it would 'ave been such a fuckin' anti-climax with the whole lights on...music off palava!!!!!).......final word sasha is like a fine vintage wine - he just gets better & better with age..............xxxxxx

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