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Steve Aoki wrote:
I’m a time traveling, speed reading, fortune telling, machine gunning, gypsy loving, scuba diving, multi-tasking, poker playing fan of life. I like playing the odds. My beliefs are radical but I embrace the conservative. I love green tea and believe I was a fish. I love producing music and performing art. My biggest heroes are Bruce Lee and Malcolm X. Be like water by Any Means Necessary. I’m a perfectionist that hates perfection. I am Pillowface and I live in the sky as much as I do on land.

Absorb Life. Embrace your passion. Wield it and you will learn →» read more...
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yury__caezar VIP wrote on March 31st, 2015
In some records jerks sound and video((
W&W, Fedde Le Grand, Martin Garrix and etc..

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