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mobilee records - berlin based record label
Anja Schneider

A professional with deep industry ties and a long list of accomplishments, Anja Schneider remains an amateur in the literal sense of the word. Where others might settle into a single specialty, the Berlin-based multitasker is the founder of the successful mobilee label, a talented musician, a sought-after club DJ and a well-known radio personality.

Since 2000, Anja has broadcast her own radio show, Dance Under the Blue Moon, live on Fritz Radio every Saturday night, both on the air and the web (www.fritz.de). One of Germany�s most important electronic-music radio programmes, Anja�s show →» read more...
Popularity Score: 4187 (#141)
Average Popularity: 7.8 (#295)
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Dipblue user wrote on August 24th, 2019
This woman is a GOD!

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