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posted 2h 28m ago in July 21st-30th Tomorrowland Boom
{quoted:slash} But only with audio, the videobitrate of the livestream is definitely better. :-) 
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posted 9h 10m ago in July 22nd: Welcome to the Future
They are online again. :-) Seems like they are only timeshifted. :-) 
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posted 9h 13m ago in July 22nd: Welcome to the Future
{quoted:slash} Yes, hope they will release them later. I catched Pig & Dan via JDownloader, which downloaded the replay for me. 
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posted 9h 14m ago in July 21-23: Parookaville
{quoted:slash} GMT+2, like Berlin and Amsterdam. Weeze is in Germany. 
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posted 9h 16m ago in July 21-23: Parookaville
{quoted:slash} Yes, I was successful and will upload it. But also like jerpaa - during next week. :-) 
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posted 14h 33m ago in July 21-23: Parookaville
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posted 14h 35m ago in July 22nd: Welcome to the Future
Donít worry if you canít join us tomorrow, we've got you covered! You can tune in as we team up with DanceTrippin TV to stream our humongous Techno area with sets from Dave Clarke, ROD, Luigi Madonna & Markantonio and Pig&Dan. Streams will be available via Facebook and our website. 15:00 - 16:30 Pig&Dan 17:00 - 18:30 Luigi Madonna & Markantonio 19:00 - 20:15 ROD 22:45 - 23:45 Dave Clarke 
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posted 1d 7h ago in July 21-23: Parookaville
Ok, I will go for the main hd transmission. 
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posted 1d 8h ago in July 21-23: Parookaville
Non-vr starts at 9pm. 
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{quoted:jerpaa} Not anymore since I moved to Berlin unfortunately. Not allowed at my flat. :-( I guess this is the feed for worlwide tv transmissions. They had one last year too that was broadcasting even different sets (I still have Sasha and Beyer/Engberg exlusive from last year if anyone needs it from ARTE Concert). Btw, does TV538 broadcast something interesting? 

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added 5d 17h ago on Armin van Buuren, Steve Aoki..
{quoted:krisz166} Yes, nothing got cut out. :-) 
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{quoted:slash} I am not jerpaa, but he's the best, yes! :D 
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Oh yeah, thanks for cutting and sharing! 
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added 1m 1w ago on
Thanks jerpaa, you are the best! :-) 
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Thank you! :-) 
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Great catch, thanks a lot! 
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Thanks a lot! 
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Thanks a lot jerpaa! :-) 
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Thanks a lot! :-) 

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