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[tracklist][/tracklist] Oh my. I got to find this and hear what you mean. :no: Is GU going down the drain then? The only religion I have in my bones was GU since 1995. 4 years ago I lost my collection to a meth-addicted burglar. Since then until recently I've been stolen away from (GU)church by someone who is now my ex-wife. Time to go back to church, but if the sermon is as bad as you say, then I'd be slowly losing my faith. There is however long gone Tony De Vit (R.I.P) featured in the beginning of the GU series. I can NEVER have enough of it...EVER ! Thanks for sharing. 
I like how music can be a very personal thing. It can mean different things to different individuals at different times. 
I will start with a statement and end with a question... Music / sound and everything else is vibrational frequency. Stuff that moves generates heat from friction. If you want to slow things down you need to cool it down. Cooling down requires energy. If you slow down sound you wil not hear it. If you slow down physical matter, you will not see it. (let me add that we consider this as an opinion for now) Thus far human kind could only super cool matter to slow it down to some degree, but it seems that the cooler you want to go, the more energy is reuired. So much so that if you want to make things stand still, you will need all the energy available in the universe to "get there". Now my question was originally "would you agree that saying "this is a cool tune" or are Who can share something interesting to consider around any related matter?? (and please, be scientific and/or crack it up - it is meant to be fun ) "this is a cool tune" would be an insult to a song then. 
"keeps me sane" is to me an understatement. Music testifies that its origin comes from non-physical, just like us beings ahving a human experience. A picture might be more than a thousand words, but a song.... ...there is no language that is powerful enough to describe the non-physical things we experience. As quoted by a certain person talking in a song in a set by one of the Global Underground DJs "Music saved my life....and it keeps money in the pockets of the people around me {laugh} you see, money is one thing, but soul is another". 
The only site I give a #?%$ about! 
"Is a beating heart" 
The release of everyday stresses.... The instant smile which music can't put on my face when you hear a good lyric, mix or group of sounds.... "Music is my Heart" 
Foces and sane... I don't know what to do if there is no music to listen to.. (except when watching movies, sleeping etc..) 
{quoted:Mindfak} lol :thumbsup: 
ah and I didn't know there was a new one in the series.. 
TM is family! 
helps me focus 
keeps me sane.. 
Another Thread on why you like Tribal-mixes . 1. TM is a well designed website with lots of depth and thoughtfull features. Oh Yes! And a great place to find some awesome sounds. 
Hi, Just would be fun to list as many reasons as we can think of why we like music. 1. I like music because it can make me feel like dancing.( Though I also like music because it's very relaxing) 

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download → Wisdom of the Glove, Papaya, Barrakud 2014 [720p HD, HIGH CLASS TIGHT ASS] - 13-Aug-2014
Wisdom of the Glove, Papaya, etc - 13-Aug-2014
download → Golf Clap - live at Movement Festival 2014, Made in Detroit Stage, Detroit - 25-May-2014
Golf Clap - live at Movement Festival 2014, Made in Detroit Stage, Detroit - 25-May-2014
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Skrillex - Live at Austin City Limits Festival Texas USA 2014, 720p Stream - 11-Oct-2014