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POINTS : 254 TICKETS : 48 Good luck!!.. Thank you!!.. :-D 
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Carl Cox - Global 672 (Recorded Live from the 02 Academy, Glasgow) (05-02-2016) don't listen Carl cox since 2014 ( i think now listening him again regular ) 
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img ">link Sullivan Room Sessions at link On Friday February 5th, 2016 Verboten dedicates a night to the little underground club that we called home for years, Sullivan Room, with SR's very own SERGE. Presenting Sullivan Room Sessions, a monthly installment presenting quality electronic music and a joyful vibe. Music by: link Domingo Cava Penny Lane Cheric & Armin Hosted by AK link Time: 11pm to 6am Place: Verboten New York, Williamsburg Address: 54 North 11th Street Brooklyn, NY 11211 Age: 21+ Price: $20 Advanced Dress Code: Trendy @link #AdvanceYourHype 
1 GB of Upload Credit....many thanks 
Thank you! it would appear my system was broken I will try again and be patient! Have a nice day! 
announce-rls or announce - this has nothing to do with the process. it's the .torrent-file download script that adds passkey to the announce. and it doesn't do so for rss feeds, i guess. by the way planned how things should work - you authenticate to get the rss feed, thus following obtaining torrents shouldn't be an issue. but feeds were made free allowing reads without subscription, so torrents can be taken without authentication. and that created the problem you're mentioning.. solution where you do stuff: login from seedbox before you start torrents there... proper solution: i;d need to change code to allow passing passkey via the rss, to still avoid authentication via IP, anyways, this is not something i'll be doing in the nearest future.. check maybe if you client has a force-set-passkey or something?... if that is a thing... hehe.. 
Am I missing an option to turn on passkey for my rss feed downloads? I'm having torrents that are auto-downloaded via the feed go stale on the tracker because it's trying to go by active IP address. It appears to be using /announce-rls.php as opposed to /announce.php that is used for manually downloaded torrents. Chipper 
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most likely you've asked for email change, then asked again, and then first email becomes obsolete, link inside it will not work. try to request new email change, and only hit submit once, wait for the email.. or if you do hit it multiple times - just use the most recent link.. 

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download → Sian - live at Octopus Showcase, La Santanera (The BPM 2016, Mexico) - 14-Jan-2016
Sian - live at Octopus Showcase, La Santanera (The BPM 2016, Mexico) - 14-Jan-2016
download → Kaito - Live at Dommune (Tokyo, Japan) - 01-Dec-2015
Kaito - Live at Dommune (Tokyo, Japan) - 01-Dec-2015
download → Bedouin - live at Robot Heart (Burning Man 2015, USA) - 01-Sep-2015
Bedouin - live at Robot Heart (Burning Man 2015, USA) - 01-Sep-2015