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{quoted:moocowdan} Nice one Dan.. to be added to the old home at the end of the month...30Gb's worth is more than acceptable!!! :thumbsup: 
A large thank you.... I got these packs scheduled to play for the weekend ahead! I will complete the G-Pal collection on TM with a Swift Sessions pack, i should have it ready by the time the weekend roles around. 
{quoted:Gatz} Nice work Gatz, on this!!! :thumbsup: 
POINTS : 103 TICKETS : 26 
As promissed part 2 of G-Pal sets smaller pack of other radio shows and live sets. :oldtimer: 
with the exception of Caribou link 
thanks Slash for all your hard work on these uploads mate!!, great selection of sets so far that I've listened to! Looking forward to going next year with the missus!! :thumbsup: link link 
Slash, you do a ton of work for the community here too and ripped the full sat sets. Thank you too for all you do for us, you guys work hard and I do really appreciate it :thumbsup: How was the scene in Russia? That would have been awesome to experience! My first rave was a Moontribe gathering back in summer of 96ish in Socal. I was a part of Moontribe till about 99 going to monthly full moon gatherings, various LA warehouse breakins, small $5 parties, and several "massives" at the time with several thousand people. When I was younger I hated massives with a passion because a lot of the vibe was lost on them, Insomniac parties (even then) were different though for some reason. I stopped raving NYE of 2000 until 2011 when EDC moved to Las Vegas because it was an oldschool all night party to 6-7am and sounded like fun. My mind was blown with the production value and vibe of it and I've continued going every year since. I don't do clubs or other parties for the most part throughout the year. EDC is my one pilgrimage every year and holds a special place in my heart. Seriously, if you guys ever get a chance to go you won't be disappointed. Frankie has been to several EDC's, has posted some pictures from 2012's, and from what I've seen has a lot of respect for Pasquale due to Pasquale's history in the underground and pushing it to evolve while keeping PLUR alive and true. Other massives outside of Insomniac that are looking for a cash grab tho, not so much. Anyways, thanks again for the work you guys do for this site. I found it last year and it's awesome because of the community here. Thank you :D 
will create a Glastonbury pack after the 3rd festival day, all sets in 1 torrent. Mau5 just finished, Jon Hopkins is great on the Park stage atm. 
{quoted:slash} Thank You!!! Thank You!!! Thank You!!! {quoted:slash} :stupid: :offtopic: :offtopic: :-P {quoted:slash} img 
1. damn, there are people reading the forum, nice! =) 2.damn, when will i get praised so much for sharing video? =) me jelly... just kidding... =) to the topic: oldschool or not, my first club was back in russia in 1996, my first rave was in usa in new york, i think it was one of the last Countdowns, done in Key State Arena in Bronx, New York. was 2001 i think.. so i basically skipped the best times of "good ole times".. but i still will say, i didn't know Frankie Bones was somehow associated with EDC, and that actually really makes stuff grow,,, Frankie Bones, the Army of One, - best shit ever!! read on, brothers!! 
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Check the lineup in that drumcode tent.... I do hope there is a broadcast of all or most... 

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download → Aday Chinea - Moderndeep 054 on TM Radio - 09-Apr-2015
Aday Chinea - Moderndeep 054 on TM Radio - 09-Apr-2015
download → Solomun - BBC Radio1 Residency - 24-Apr-2015
Solomun - BBC Radio1 Residency - 24-Apr-2015
download → Dirk, Nishan Lee & Hypnotic Progressions - Time Differences 166 on TM RADIO - 07-Jun-2015
Dirk, Nishan Lee & Hypnotic Progressions - Time Differences 166 on TM RADIO - 07-Jun-2015