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rtmdumphelper didn't work for me, as i wrote above there... HiDownload did work, but video came out crooked. thanks for sharing your rip. 
It's not available on demand - so I uploaded the livestream rip. Have fun! 
I'm not at home too, unfortunately. :-( Here's the broadcast timetable: img 
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RTMPDumpHelper also worked for me. Thanks for the help slash! Got the Hawtin stream and can upload it - but I'll wait a bit - sometimes ARTE Concert does upload the performances in higher quality. 
so far evaluation copy of HiDownload is doing the job... just recorded 2.5minutes of the stream, although flv comes out crooked, it is fixable, i believe. extracting aac gives perfect sound without any glitches, although ffmpeg does report a million of errors while getting audio out. for the hell of it, saved video with avidemux - works fine, although audio is gone, but that's why i say, it'll be fixable.. if hidownload actually doesn't stop recording after some time due to evaluation... i hope not.. 
and yeah, streaming video downloader 6 lite actually does something, but then flv comes out nasty and after fixing it get 6 seconds left (out of 45 free-version seconds),, 
after messing with a bunch of tools, i can say... rtmpexplorer cannot detect rtmpdumphelper detects with rtmpsrv option, but cannot take over the stream, comes out with "no stream detected", although it gives nice dump command - rtmpdump -r "rtmp://" -a "arte/" -f "WIN 17,0,0,169" -W "" -p "" -y "alw-main-stream-2" -o alw-main-stream-2.flv maybe it doesn't pass enough environment settings, headers or whatnot.. i only see windows, but not for the browser itself.. orbit downloader with grab++ kinda gives some url to download, but cannot connect and in cmd i saw "rtmp server requested close connection" or something.. the url there is rtmp://|arte/|alw-main-stream-2|| after careful comparison, it is identical to the rtmpsrv one above... vlc is a possiblility, but i dunno what stream to feed it... anyone? anything? damn, jerpaa is away, he might have known what to do... 
i haven't done rtmp in a while, but supposedly same as adobe - get a tool to find the rmtp link, and then rmtpdump.exe should help. actually for rtmp there's a bunch of tools. 
img link Genre: Progressive, Tech Release Date: May 20, 2015 TrackList: 1.D.P.Kash - I Come Deeper (Original Mix) 2.Noizy Flight - Fever (Original Mix) 3.J-Sevilla - My Perfect Days (Original Mix) 4.Samotarev - Beyond the Cloud (BarBQ Remix) 5.Urban Flex - Isolation (Original Mix) 6.Big Show - City Affairs (Original Mix) 7.G-Day - Only You (Original Mix) Release Info: The second part of season compilation. Feedbacks by: Stas Drive BarBQ Remix for me! Thanks Nick Varon Some good stuff here, Come Deeper and Fever r my pick! Randall Jones Sick work on this one. Will def rock the floors. (I Come Deeper) Matt Holliday superb, will be supporting! have already downloaded all tracks had promo twice but top release. Ben Suffused (Suffused) Nice EP.thanks 
It's an RTMP stream. Which tools do you use for this? Maybe I'll set my alarm to Hawtin this night. :-) 
today!!! Today 28: there are only two interesting performances: Richie Hawtin & James Blake :thumbsup: Sunday 30: Caribou img 
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I won't be around to capture this, someone else maybe? cheers, Jerpaa 

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download → Joris Voorn & Nic Fanciulli  - Live At La Familia, Blue Parrot (The BPM Festival 2015, Mexico) - 10-Jan-2015
Joris Voorn & Nic Fanciulli - Live At La Familia, Blue Parrot (The BPM Festival 2015, Mexico) - 10-Jan-2015
download → Miss Melera - live at DGTL Festival 2015 (Amsterdam) - 05-Apr-2015
Miss Melera - live at DGTL Festival 2015 (Amsterdam) - 05-Apr-2015
download → Pete Tong, Guy Gerber, Justin Harris - The Essential Selection on Radio1 - 24-Apr-2015
Pete Tong, Guy Gerber, Justin Harris - The Essential Selection on Radio1 - 24-Apr-2015