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no prydah stage, so sad.. :( never thought i'd say such a thing either... =) 
{quoted:shiffer} You can always tell music will be crap if the video is crap. This video is crap. 
Tune in August 31st to see David Guetta perform LIVE on Yahoo Screen! #YahooLive. starts 20:00 CET 
first time i try ppv... :( {quoted:their facebook page} 
yeah, today they doing double from yesterday, that's something.. although all 30-45 minutes again... btw, nothing from here gets on BBC? why not? 
Thanks guys. Most probably I will get my hands also on the MTV Satellite broadcast in HD. :-) 
thanks Jerpaa. I have somehow managed to stay awake a little more still to figure out urls. I have started this in a scripts but now have to get some sleep finally. been up like a day or so. Telezueri Streetparade CH live stream in 720p: I have this running in a ffmpeg script, hoping it lasts: for and .de I don't know how to capture those. they probably do not stream and you need to get them via satellite or cable. wish me luck for the approaching storm possible hitting Florida in less than 48hrs :-) cheers 
jerpaa 15:00 CET according to 69baby thats in 1h from now 
when: 17 September 2015, 7pm to midnight CET Paco Osuna Coyu Uner Henry Saiz Psyk 
Looking for the Sensation White video in which Prydz played at. It was uploaded at one time. Hoping it can be available again. And any other rare videos that may be available with Prydz. Thank you dearly MNF :-D 

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download → This Is The End, Mamitas (The BPM Festival 2015, Mexico) - 18-Jan-2015
This Is The End, etc - 18-Jan-2015
download → Sqyre & John Gallacher - live at Bulletdodge 10 at The Club, UK - 07-Mar-2015
Sqyre & John Gallacher - live at Bulletdodge 10 at The Club, UK - 07-Mar-2015
download → 3LAU - Live at Exchange Club, Los Angeles, USA - 21-May-2015
3LAU - Live at Exchange Club, Los Angeles, USA - 21-May-2015