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Yes I plan too, an account is free for the first month... 
finally they put out the official version without the moment where sound gets cut off and Laurent has to stop his session like 10 minutes in, for a few minutes.. =) 
i see tidal is another paid service... ghm.. im skeptical now.. jerpaa, are you planning to rip that? 
is ok, link in there was removed. proper beatport link is : 
Aah sorry, didn't see that. I will see if I can download this. Unfortunately the internet at my new location makes a lot of trouble. Maybe I can fix it till then. 
I already started a thread for electric zoo, but thanks on more info.. I am busy at least one day out of three. 
Awesome news.. Bassnectar is one of the hardest to come by... 
This Labor Day Weekend (September 4-6), New York’s Electric Zoo festival returns to Randall’s Island Park bearing a new ‘Transformed’ theme, and dance fans all over the world are invited to watch the action unfold through its live stream. The live stream will start each day at 5pm EDT on Beatport’s Twitch channel, where viewers can tune in to catch their favorite artists across the electronic music spectrum, such as Above & Beyond, Borgore, Claptone, Dirty South, Gramatik, Headhunterz, Oliver Heldens, Nervo, Thomas Jack, Robin Schulz and more. Real-life attendees, though, can roam freely between various dancefloors. The Chemical Brothers are headlining the main stage, drum & bass don DJ Marky is making a rare US festival appearance and famed techno institution Awakenings is making its stateside debut over two days as part of Sunday School. Other acts scheduled to perform throughout the weekend include Madeon, Galantis, Hot Since 82, Markus Schulz and dozens more. Tune in to Electric Zoo 2015’s live stream below, or head to Beatport’s Twitch channel. 
this event will be streamed live via Tidal. EDM: Axwell /\ Ingrosso & Bassnectar will be streamed 
TY two for your posts <3 . I reverted back to uTorrent for the moment, and still wait for the qBitTorrent team to answer. I don't think, that the port is the problem slash, because uTorrent works without problems, while qBitTorrent doesn't. I'll stay more calm in future though :wink: . I just really wanted to use that qBitTorrent program, because everybody says, that it's the best, and "in 99% the cause of a PC-problem is located between the keyboard and the chair" ^^ . I just couldn't believe, that this time, I and my inabilities are not the cause why qBitTorrent refuses to work. 
thank you for the link..... I am always in their on the dark or the progressive channel 
it's always good to give it a bit of time before starting to flip out... =) in my experience, it is the port that gets somehow locked/blocked, even when restarting utorrent sometimes this happens. even with green network indicator. or after a sudden pc reboot or whatnot. whether you reboot router or not, nothing will help. simply because. only time helps. also changing port helps (sometimes). if i find myself not-connectable at some point, and i know i've always been connectable, i give it a few hours and restart utorrent. years ago i used to freak out and obsess over the damned thing for hours, sweating and shit... these days i just give it a few hours... the "fix peers" thing is only for show.. it changes status of your peers with the tracker. connectability thou comes from within... tracker does not, i repeat, tracker does not differentiate between good and no-good peers. nothing happens or changes in trackers behavior. 
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download → David Morales (Birthday Bash) - live at Cavo Paradiso, Mykonos - 21-Aug-2015
David Morales (Birthday Bash) - live at Cavo Paradiso, Mykonos - 21-Aug-2015
download → Sasha - live at Space Opening Fiesta 2015, Club Space, Ibiza - 31-May-2015
Sasha - live at Space Opening Fiesta 2015, Club Space, Ibiza - 31-May-2015
download → indi anX, crocy - Mild 'N Minty 011 on TM Radio - 27-Aug-2015
indi anX, crocy - Mild 'N Minty 011 on TM Radio - 27-Aug-2015