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{quoted:jammywanks} It has been broken for a long time. I would like to be able to use it but I've only really needed it a few times... every time I just gave up and was able to find stuff by sorting like munkyn said. 
one of those cases "noone uses it, so why fix it?" 
I've never used the search to find small files, I'm not that fussy, however trying your criteria, I get the same results, however to get the smallest first you can select the "size" column as I believe the initial results you got are in chronological order...however once I selected via size it will sort either the smallest or largest first... so you will have everything from 2015... or link 
Does anyone know why the search options don't work as they should? For example, I am trying to search for all torrent titles containing the word "2015" with the option of filtering file size 500MB or less. It still won't have any effect on my search. I tried clicking on both start search (on top) and search button (below). img 
{quoted:slash} some icing on the cake chaps! :yes: 
I found this by accident, the site is in German and do not understand anything :-/ Line UP: have a look :hmmm: 
munkyn 1d 12h 122Gb
{quoted:munkyn} this months selections are as follows: (all channels playlists randomized) Dark Progressive Once more a big thanks to moocowdan for the majority of this months darkness, courtesy of Moshic.. we were talking about a mega pack the other week and he kindly obliged in putting this together link more dark prog includes... Suffused - Suffused Diary on Frisky Radio 2014/2015 pack Ani Onix, Dutchess of Dub - Ani Onix Sessions on TM-radio - 17 April 2015 Ani Onix & I-REC - Ani Onix Sessions 004 on TM RADIO - 20-03-2015 AquAdro - Deeper @ Midnight Express [March 2015] AquAdro - Epic Fail 028 on TM Radio (21-05-2015) ARGAMAN CD1 Mixed by MOSHIC Arthur Sense, AK - Esoteric Frequencies vs Gravity 043 on TM-radio - May 2015 Arthur Sense - Entity of Underground 045 on Insomnia - May 2015 Deep.L_and_Deepness_Alone_With_A_Rhythm_030_beattunes.com_Feb15 Deep.L_and_Deepness_Alone_With_A_Rhythm_031_beattunes.com_Mar15 Deep.L_and_Deepness_Alone_With_A_Rhythm_032_beattunes.com_Apr15 Evolution-Promo Mix (Winter 2001) Facundo Mohrr & Rodrigo Valdovinos - Kermesse Sessions - April 2015 Frangellico@TRIPPIN - March 2015 Frangellico@TRIPPIN - May 2015 Frisky - Subliminal - March 2015 - N-Tchbl Frisky - Subliminal - May 2015 - N-Tchbl Julian Rodriguez, Franco Tejedor & Martin Gardoqui - Happy Memories on TM RADIO - 11-05-2015 Kairy & Progressive Prince - Chihes Digital - May 2015 Kintar & Anton Mayday - Sudam World - January 2015 Marcelo Vasami - Inception (Frisky Radio) [HQ] - April 2015 Mark Youssef & Anton Mayday - Sleek - May 2015 Matias Ricciardi - Graham Lloris B-Day June 2013 Matteo Monero - Borderliner 056 on Insomniafm - 03.04.2015 Matteo Monero - Borderliner 057 on Insomniafm - 01.05.2015 Monochronique - Wide-eyed 051 on TM RADIO - 15 March 2015 Monochronique - Wide-eyed 053 on TM RADIO - 17-05-2015 MOSHIC FEB 2015 Live Mix Otherworld & Zweis - Mild N Minty on TM RADIO - 26-03-2015 SoulHunter - Side Effect 001 on TM RADIO - March 2015 Wes Straub - 709 Sessions Episode 091 on Tm RADIO - 12-04-2015 Progressive this month its Digweed 2001-2004 (399 sets)... 2005 & 2006 I will add as I need to get these again after the HD failure, thanks Danny boy as always for these great packs!! link link link link Techno I'm still waiting for the Chris Liebing back catalogue to slowly come down (1 of 2 packs completed) from another source, for the time being you will have to make do with Sven and Beyer back catalogue totalling 715 sets, this will be another 500 on top of that, once completed :w00t: Live listings can be found in the usual places, enjoy! :yes: link link Next month, I'll be adding one final channel...(once the Digweed has ended and pending disk space) A dedicated Sasha & Digweed channel (everything I can lay my hands on) for anyone who has a taste for S & D of old and new! :w00t: EDIT: Digweed 2005/2006 Transitions added, 595 mixes Techno updated with Chris Liebing CLR Podcast [all] 1074 mixes 
POINTS : 116 TICKETS : 35 
{quoted:moocowdan} :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :yes: 
Indeed, the best lineup Boiler Room has ever seen! 
nope nothing in my hand to match those two :thumbsup: 
That third son tune in radio therapy is a strong contender for tune of the year in my books. Released the end of next month. Dave seaman and selador laying down massive tunes still. 
not me! =-) 
awesome news, thanks for sharing this. something tells me it'll be a collage of 3 channels, possibly with short performance cutouts, but we'll see, of course, a week from now. 

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download → Finnebassen - live at DGTL Festival 2015 (Amsterdam) - 04-Apr-2015
Finnebassen - live at DGTL Festival 2015 (Amsterdam) - 04-Apr-2015
download → Subb-An  - Live At Circoloco, Mamitas (The BPM Festival 2015, Mexico) - 16-Jan-2015
Subb-An - Live At Circoloco, Mamitas (The BPM Festival 2015, Mexico) - 16-Jan-2015
download → Deep-L & Deepness - Alone With A Rhythm 030 on - 23-Feb-2015
Deep-L & Deepness - Alone With A Rhythm 030 on - 23-Feb-2015