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250 pts. Thanks!!. :-D 
Dark Prog mostly, but now - Techno Prog. House is dead, nothing impressive since the dark "era" passed away, just a bunch of noise and shitty deep tracks. Trance... im glad i quit listening back in 2009 
think that is correct, i got it from here: 
Chateau Flight Welcome (Welcapella mix) Versatile Norken East Hydrogen Dukebox The Logic Box Morph Cross Chronobrain Outa The Blue R Change U Gideon Jackson Floppy Sounds Doing Shows Wave Music Gruvhaus Frostreet Sog SD Grooves Red Leather Slide DJ Buck Ode To Mad Marj Tweekin Eddie Richards Oyea Dy-Na-Mix Gideon Jackson Ooh Yi Yi Gideon Jackson Take Away D&D Gold Chronobrain Dark Male Night Life (Asad's Silverlining Remix) Groovetech Filth Dancin' Suspect Package Universal Agents Lemon Pie (Dub Mix) Worship Black Kat ft Mark Bell Deeper (Blakdoktor Mix) Blaktrax Haris & Stubbs My Love Funknose 
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Does anyone have a tracklist for this? It would be appreciated! :thumbsup: 
it all depends on the type of "techno"...minimal techno? tech house? =D 
munkyn 2d 17h Drugs!
{quoted:daxigua} very true, however I prefer something a little stronger for Junction2 in June with Capriati, Beyer and co! 
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Hi Toshimichi, you might want to build up some points then request a reseed here: Worthwhile reading up on the FAQ too; 
Hi peeps, I'm looking for this mix. The torrent is available in the website but no seeds. Does anyone of you have this mix? Please, I'm looking for it for yeras now. Thanks. :thumbsup: 

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