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:fun: 50pts Sep 13, 14 » This Is A Lottery Award For Your Ticket #8!!! Congratulations! 1.6d 50pts Sep 10, 14 » This Is A Lottery Award For Your Ticket #9717!!! Congratulations! 1.6d 50pts Sep 10, 14 » This Is A Lottery Award For Your Ticket #9737!!! Congratulations! YESSS!!! 
Catch the Illegal Grooves no. 98 today @ 18 CET via link Just click the link few minutes before 6pm and you'll be there! #techno today Also keep checking the link for after-radio uploaded mixes & other promos. Thank to all! 
@DjSpinBad: might i ask what were you aiming for? and why worry about anything with 1 download per month? i understand there will be limited fun when you don't download anything, right? you look for other ways to fill in some fun... most users download dozens of sets per week, 3-4 torrents every day, including packs... @fires: points are not going anywhere. there are mad point available via seeding old torrents. i think i will allow easy hit-n-run fixes, that are only available via donations now, to be exchanged for, well, yes, for maaaaad points, same like ratio-free downloads time.. my dear lads, share-ratio is still there. and there's still a need to keep a good one, if you want to avoid the hassle with hit-n-runs, - be power user, even if you get a warning for hit-n-run, you can still download stuff, and fix it if you like, or like the warning sing next to your nickname - don't fix it, nothing changes if you're power user. or higher. 
{quoted:peter_antal} 1. we don't give a crap if you're connectable. can't you understand, BEING CONNECTABLE IS FOR YOUUUUUU!! it's not for the site, it's for you, and you only. i know, it's best to save nerves with likes of you, cause you think you're right... but... oh well... 2. there's no share-ratio rule anymore. if you haven't noticed a HUGE BLACK NOTIFICAtion BOX, then it's your own problem. over the years, i've tried to explaine the community, that you being connectable benefits everyone, but you in first place - faster downloads, faster uploads, constant utilization of the stream, etc. site doesn't give a crap if you are connectable, don't you see it? nothing changes for you, not a bit, except for little red notification saying how not connectable you are. NOTHING CHANGES site works same, treats you same, why the hell you gonna write these righteous posts, if NOTHING is different in site operation for connectable user or not connectable one. WHYYYYY???? just because you're somehow frustrated with a site that's been ratio-free for the past 2 weeks and is going to stay so? occasional users don't read notifications, i see.. it's up to you.. wanna stay angry with opening ports and being connectable - sure you can, or you can just enjoy the site and the music you get... 
Hi Guys, Does anyone out there have a copy of Carl Cox - Global #552 (preferably the DIFM version in 256kbps) please? This is one of the shows I wasn't able to record due to my house move last year, and although I've managed to find copies of #551 and #553 I cannot seem to find an active link or torrent anywhere on the web for thsi episode. Should have grabbed it nearer the TX date but forgot! Would have been broadcast on DIFM on 18/10/2013, the first hour was B2B with Marco Carola, the second hour B2B with Nic Fanciulli if that rings any bells. Thanks for any help :-) Cheers! 
I think this problem only exists on TM and the reason why people avoid this place or use it seldomly. Other torrent download sites with ratio requirements I visit do not require you to do a thing. Most adults who use this and work for a living connect through their company's internet during the day and its not possible to configure routers. If other sites are able to maintain share ratios without port forwarding and other manipulations by utorrent users I cannot see why TM cannot do the same. This issue will continue to confine most people like myself to "occasional users" and very careful with what sets to download (1-4 per month). Another tip: most of the sets and torrents on here are available elsewhere for download without these headaches (minus a few obscure DJ's). 
Darn just saw this now, would have loved to record it, thanks m3u8 link jerpaa. 
steve bug-live at goa monster hight halloween 
video stream is online: 
Cool will have a look! 

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download → John Digweed & Guy J - UMF RADIO - 07-Feb-2014
John Digweed & Guy J - UMF RADIO - 07-Feb-2014
download → Skrillex B2B Mija - Sunrise Bonnaroo Surprise Live Mix - 09-Jul-2014
Skrillex B2B Mija - Sunrise Bonnaroo Surprise Live Mix - 09-Jul-2014
download → Stimming (live) - live at Extrema Outdoor, Belgium - 720p HD - June 2014
Stimming (live) - live at Extrema Outdoor, Belgium - 720p HD - June 2014