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Taken from DCR "Live" this week[/quote] :thumbsup: 
POINTS : 135 TICKETS : 28 
DamUmmy 3h 59m music
Tribal for the win !!!!!!! 
SlamFM also broadcasting at 
umpfta :blink: 538 Kingsday - Chasseveld Breda: 12.00 Opener 12.02 Sharon Doorson 12.10 Kenny B 12.17 Robin Schulz 12.37 Handsome Poets 12.47 Gers Pardoel 12.58 EIND UUR START COMMERCIALS 13.01 Opener 13.02 Douwe Bob 13.10 The Partysquad 13.25 Waylon 13.38 Gerard Joling 13.45 Niels Geusebroek 13.58 EIND UUR START COMMERCIALS 14.01 Opener 14:02 Made in June 14.25 Trijntje Oosterhuis 14.45 Het Feestteam 14.58 EIND UUR START COMMERCIALS 15.01 Opener 15:02 Galantis 15.12 Dotan 15.25 Eva Simons 15.45 Nielson 15.58 EIND UUR START COMMERCIALS 16.01 Opener 16.02 Barry & Menno 16.15 Miss Montreal 16.35 FeestDJRuud 16.58 EIND UUR START COMMERCIALS 17.01 Opener 17.02 O'G3NE 17.15 Armin van Buuren 17.58 EIND UUR START COMMERCIALS 18.01 Opener 18.02 Nicky Romero 18.32 538 DJ 18.42 Echosmith 18.52 538 DJ 18.58 EIND UUR START COMMERCIALS 19.01 Opener 19.02 Hardwell 19.58 EIND UUR START COMMERCIALS 20.03 Opener 20.04 Barry Paf 20.09 VanVelzen 20.26 Wildstylez 20.40 Kensington 20.58 EIND UUR START COMMERCIALS 21.01 Opener 21.02 Fedde Le Grand 21.32 Di-rect 22.00 EIND 
it;s only 12hrs now. only 12hrs to seed to complete the 'task', or 1 torrent size uploaded. 
Hi David, The Rules / FAQ are a good place to start, there is a section which outlines the outcome if the Hit N Runs continue. Basically, your downloading rights will be revoked. I am glad you have worked out the minimum seeding time before moving mixes, 72 hours doesn't take long to tick over. Over time, through donating, playing lottery and spending time here you will get opportunities to remove those hit n runs. 
I'm not a leecher (well, not intentionally) -- I just move sets after I DL them to my NAS and rename/tag/file them. I wasn't aware of this and I have a few negative marks, thought I've already renamed and tagged those. I have a few over 250-300%, and I've made a point in the past week of sharing largely to make good on that. I'm just curious to know what these unfixable hit n runs might mean for my future status (assume I will keep up this proactive sharing before my move/rename/tag, as I will. 
{quoted:1spaceboss} you only have to look at his download list...says it all :lol: 
moocow i found some music from this guy 
Nothing Special, Commercial Electro House 
Amazing Intro, feel ecstasy my minds 
Pan-Pot & Vincenzo - Fiction Inc great track,I will download, Thxs 
I look forward very soon,Brazil will rage musical fiesta 

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download → Lee Burridge - Live at Robot Heart, Burning Man (Nevada, USA) - 30-Aug-2014
Lee Burridge - Live at Robot Heart, Burning Man (Nevada, USA) - 30-Aug-2014
download → Andrea Oliva b2b UNER  - Live At ANTS, Blue Parrot (The BPM Festival 2015, Mexico) - 10-Jan-2015
Andrea Oliva b2b UNER - Live At ANTS, Blue Parrot (The BPM Festival 2015, Mexico) - 10-Jan-2015
download → Yoshitoshi, Blue Parrot (The BPM Festival 2015, Mexico)  - 18-Jan-2015
Yoshitoshi, etc - 18-Jan-2015