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little bit disappointed with what's being streamed this year... quality's not the greatest either. share what you want don't wait for me :) 
@slash: Thanks, already got them two. :-) Here's the next livestream: 
im recording both pioneer dj radio and ibiza sonica, but will release as "live" without cutting, cause it's hard to know who when.... as for Maceo, it;s a 100MB file with 48kbps audio... dunno if worth sharing.. i have tiesto, can share, if needed.. 4.45GB flv or 4.66GB ts. 
Hello guys! Currently I'm in waiting-for-ADID Mode, so Ill update you about my recordings. So, as far as I figured out all the info about Ibiza Global's yesterday broadcast, only 2 hours were broadcasted due to technical reasons (??). The party was broadcasted not from very beginning. Unfortunately, Kintar's set, the set I had been really waiting for AND the only reason why I had recorded the stream, was not broadcasted. BTW, during this broadcast I understood one thing: Ibiza Sonica is much better than Ibiza Global radio. At least because Igor Marijuan both speaks Spanish and English during broadcasts. Love you all, Alex. 
250 pts. Thanks!!.. :-D 
{quoted:jerpaa} Damn, the low quality Facebook preview looks amazing, would love to have the full video! 
{quoted:IB1} Yep the Vapes do the job nicely ;-). Not that I "need" cannabis. Just like I don't "need" sex (as a mature adult). Maybe cannabis is more of a psychological antidote to living on a planet where too many humans do so many cruel (selfish,greed etc) acts :'-(. Though many humane people do kind altruistic,giving etc acts also and this is the true good behaviour that needs to be nurtured more. :thumbsup:. It's natural to be a little selfish sometimes. But when all you think about is the well being of yourself,well your missing out on a very deep emotion. [/quote] Can probably agree with you there. hehe: D However Cannbis a good way o get rid of aches etc.=) 
POINTS : 110 TICKETS : 28 Thanks!!.. :thumbsup: 
and yea...actually Live broadcast f Ibiza Global showcase begins @3am Ibiza time 
Hello guys, just wanted to say that I'll record the Ibiza Global ADE showcase (starts in 40 minutes or so) and I'll TRY to record All Day I Dream of Amsterdam tomorrow. I'll be at work, but i'll try to record stream via my mobile. I'll tell you when I'm ready to bring these sets to y'all. Thanks for your trust. Best regards, Alex. P.S. Now it's my time to bring the noise in TM :-D 
I don't have a KPN subscription for TV sorry, I'm with Ziggo. Will grab Tiesto tonight. 
Could anyone please rip this video when it's finished? Hope it doesnt't get deleted, great camera works!! @jerpaa: The Maceo Plex sessions does also get broadcasted currently on KPN channel 18. Is there a chance / way you can get if from there in HD quality? Sorry that I can't help atm, but I don't have the software here on vacation. 
There will also be a videostream from the AMF Day event tomorrow evening from 7.40 pm - 12.00 (Amsterdam time) 
mmmm, tasty as a tramp on chips! :o) :whistle: 

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download → Sasha - The Sound of Renaissance 001 on Ibiza Global Radio - 29-Jul-2016
Sasha - The Sound of Renaissance 001 on Ibiza Global Radio - 29-Jul-2016
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Following Light - Time Differences 220 on TM Radio - 24-Jul-2016
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Paul Ross - Deeper Coagulant 018 on TM Radio - 16-Jul-2016