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don;t you understand, anyone of you, that your lies are so ridiculous... do you not understand that system counts your seeding time??? why not one ever said system counts uploads or downloads erroneously? because it makes no mistakes of such kind. and counting your seeding time is COMPLETELY SAME SHIT, so we count it now, never counted before, but now we do. just to see that 80% of downloads are not seeded longer than during download. do you not get it that EVERYTHING you downloaded more than 3 weeks ago doesn't matter?? stuff you downloaded 1 month ago cannot be marked hit-n-run simply because every download ever made before this system went active - 3 weeks ago - was marked as "satisfied" and thus accepted by system, no matter duration of seeding or amount uploaded, just to avoid this exact shit, when people start bulshitting about torrents downloaded months ago giving them warnings... 
{quoted:donnyduck} 1. don't lie. this is the last time i answer your lies. next time state exactly what torrent is faulty. hitnruns are given out exactly 2 weeks after download was completed. not an hour earlier, not later, exactly 2 weeks. do you understand this??? im just gonna start silencing all the %#$?ing lies. this message was posted 5 hours ago. you have no warning now. you know you have 4 more hit-n-runs coming? just because yo're such an aaawesomeguy who's going to accuse me of shit, i am writing this here. 3 of the 4 will have you with a warning in 1.5 days. they will be 2 weeks since you downloaded them, then warning will be given out. Markus Schulz - Global DJ Broadcast Ibiza Summer Sessions Closing Party - 11-Sep-2014 1.2w 17% 46% Above and Beyond - Group Therapy 095 Incl Jody Wisternoff and James Grant Guestmix - 05-Sep-2014 1.8w 40% 2% Deepsense - Voyager (Frisky Radio) - 04-Sep-2014 1.8w 17% 0% Paul Oakenfold - Planet Perfecto - 07-Sep-2014 1.8w 15% 0% see,. you're such an awesomeguy, that you're going to yell and stuff, and NOT GONNA DO JACK ABOUT YOUR DOWNLOADING. right? WHY AREN'T YOU SEEDING 1 OF THESE 4 TORRENTS??? THEY WILL GIVE YOU WARNING... WHY THE HELL YOU INTENTIONALLY GET WARNINGS AND THEN YELL ABOUT IT??? i am writing this here to announce to you, personally, donnyduck: when you get warning on one OF THESE 4 torrents, and mention it here or elsewhere, i will silence you. i will be prosecuting everyone who became uncomfortable with this much easier system. why?>? because seeding is for loosers, cause our cool %#$?ing users JUST DON"T SEED. not one of the veterans bothers with seeding. this was a %#$?ing revelation to me... but i am going to take care of it. apparently if you have good share ratio sometimes from the past, you don't have to seed anything new you download? good job! 
{quoted:Pusherman} you've only been here 1 month less than me, and in these years you wrote 4 comments - that is really ?%$#ed up... yes, all of you, comfortable users that's been around for years... WHY THE FYCK you gonna tell me you've been so awesome, stuck around for years, and shit, and shit, and shit??? don't you ?%$#ing understand that noone cares if you been downloading shit for years?? we care for those who commented, talked in forums, shoutbox, etc - those, who left a mark. you, another asshole that's been taking for 5, 7, 8, 9 years, taking music without giving back shit, - all of you , - get a load of yourselves... 
Illegal Grooves 098 available! Here we go with the edition for September of this year. Inspired from the Apple's glade party we had last weekend with a bunch of Romanian friends where I've spun some tracks, few of them present right here on the mix. Hope you guys will enjoy the experience, it's definitely a more energetic perspective. Peace! 
Still getting Hit and Runs on torrents that are over a month old with continuous seeding. Last one said it was finished 2 weeks ago. That's way more than what is required as per the new rules. But that one turned up as a hit and run. Can you guys fix this shnizz??! Please??? 
Thanks for the informative post. I'll do my best to follow the tips and hopefully I'll get the user class as soon as possible. 
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no motivation. i take a vacation from working on tribalmixes, to pursue other projects. 
I don't think you should take the lack of responses as a sign that you shouldn't do it. It is basically gamification of the site and it encourages people to do stuff on the site in exchange for rewards, but it has to be implemented by a "game master" like yourself. If done well it should encourage more participation in the site which would be awesome. As a user I find myself striving for certain achievements that I would not have thought of from the perspective of "game master". For example, this may sound lame to admit but right now I am anxious to score in the top 10 points leaders since I am so close -- less than 20k points to go. I know it is probably hard to keep the motivation to build such a thing when nobody wants to provide input and you don't get much out of it -- so I would totally understand if you are not motivated to implement it. But if you can get motivated, I think it would be awesome based on what you have built here so far! 
i thought the same thing when i just got here, but... when i was here for three months, i had 1TB uploaded and 1MB downloaded, ratio of 1,000,000+. that's the upload requirement for poweruser every 4.5 days on average. my points went all to download debit or ratio-free awards. granted, i had some good times with the edc torrents, but power user is definitely not as impossible as it seems. Just don't forget about the point system. also, read this if you haven't already don so. it contains a lot of tips. i can see you are not seeding at this moment, if you can not seed 24/7 the point system is where its at, and you shouldn't go for ratio through seeding. just so we are clear, my tribalmixes folder is about 600gb, but my downloaded stat is only 10 at this moment. this is all due to how i use my points. my uploaded stat is 1.17tb now, so if i never took advantage of ratio-free awards and torrents, i would not be a power user!!! if i can negate 600gb of downloaded data just by doing my points every day, then you must be able to negate whatever you will need to download to get to that 50gb up, just be smart about it, keep an eye on your hit and runs and follow the advice in the link. 
I wanted to share some livesets that aren't uploaded but I see that I need to become a power user first. Problem is though, there's not enough leechers to even upload the size that I have downloaded which leads to loss of share-ratio. Example: I download a 158MB file but get to seed only like 55MB. By this rate, becoming a power user will take months. Any tips? 
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download → Audiofly, Daniel Bortz, Geddes - live at Flying Circus Opening, Sankeys, Ibiza - 11-Jul-2014
Audiofly, Daniel Bortz, Geddes - live at Flying Circus Opening, Sankeys, Ibiza - 11-Jul-2014
download → DVBBS - live at Summer Festival 2014, Antwerpen - 28-Jun-2014
DVBBS - live at Summer Festival 2014, Antwerpen - 28-Jun-2014
download → Major Lazer - Live at Brixton Academy, London, UK, 720p Stream - 09-Nov-2013
Major Lazer - Live at Brixton Academy, London, UK, 720p Stream - 09-Nov-2013