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I'm an American but it's been easier to find Premier League on TV here in recent years and I've become a bit of a Swansea City fan. I've always liked the sport, played as a kid, but MLS here in the US is just not an entertainging product. Mainly I like to see Man City and Man U and Liverpool lose. Heartbreaking weekend for the Swans but it's still nice that they're in the top half even with a pretty weak record. Right now I'm watching the Arsenal - Hull City match on tape. 
it's been temporarily disabled. also, tell me, which trackers allow you see peers and seeds, even your own, and i will re-Joyce with you.. anyways, check your user page, there are now links from old design, so looks ugly, but works, right?.. 
Very nice. The Sky Was Pink (James Holden Remix) When I'm going out and DJ plays this track, better stay out of my way cause I'm breaking everything around me dancing... lol. VERY impressive lightwork btw (look from 9:20) 
Good to know it was just a bug. I did ended up downloading a few torrents just to avoid some hit n runs (one of those was a 11gb one :-/ ) but since I have no problems with my ratio I will have some fun increasing it with points. But still currently I'm only seeding 30 torrents (9 of them duplicate since they're on a separate system, but since on the same internet access) and I'm getting 51 active with 41.2% not connectable that I know that aren't mine since all the port forwading has been correctly set up. Another thing. On the "only show torrents that I seeded" I can see 16 torrents that I don't think I ever touched. Is there any way to check my seeds like on other trackers? I've searched plenty on times for that option but never found it. 
POINTS : 226 TICKETS : 49 
I'm a little confused, at this point, it just searches public trackers? The movie studios seem to go after peers on newer movies on public trackers right quick. I don't mess with public trackers at all. Exciting concept, though. 
DJ_Food_-_Solid_Steel-SAT-09-27-2014-TALiON don't know how many people here are into the Ninja Tune kind of sound and all of the tripped-out music on the radio show, but I'm so glad it gets uploaded! 
well, anyways, i've just cleaned out 6.5k downloads that could have been in wrong accounts.. i am sure noone will care, but anyways... nothing changes, what i wanna say. all wrongly claimed downloads were 'in download' mode.. 
this has affected about 70 users and you are the second user to notice.. =) generally it's taken no effect on accounts, except for additional "snatches" in download history, most of them not affecting the up/down stats. if you know exactly how bad this affected you, or can estimate, - i am willing to adjust it. in the mean time i will say, while you posted this earlier and i haven't seen this topic, i do swear i have fixed the problem, and since then you shouldn't have received any new unknown downloads or what not under your account. please, confirm or deny. this whole mess was caused by old 'real-ip-detector' function, that actually thought ips that started with 1. and 2. were reserved.. maybe it has been this way years ago, but it's not the issue now, so code was finally spotted and fixed.. basically there are thousands of downloads amonhst the 70 users that could travel under any account... so if anyone's been affected - contact me personally.. 
Pole Folder - Brussels Part 1 - 11-Oct-2014 Really good tribal progressive house mix link 
img ">link Artist: DJ Samer & DJ*B Name: Dark Night (Original Mix) Release Date: October 6, 2014 Exclusively to Beatport Label: Reelaux Digital Catalog: RLXD14073 link link ALSO visit: link link link link link link THANX TO ALL FOR THE SUPPORT!!!!! TO SUBSCRIBE to our newsletter, please email with the word "subscribe" in the subject. 
Pangea Recordings Podcast - September 2014 Edition Mixed By DJ Samer This very special mix is an exclusive one I did for the “Freak Show” hosted on by host Chad McNeely. Originally aired September 13, 2014, I picked some of my favorite tracks of the moment and mixed as long as I could! Hope you enjoy. link Hour 1: DJ Samer (Pangea, Baroque, Spundae, Reelaux, BC2, Stellar Fountain…) Track-list: 1) Audio Lab “Predator” (Sapiens Remix) Pangea 2) Hair Band Drop-Out “Melodic Seeds” (Pete Bones Remix) Red Ant 3) Henry Saiz, Eloy “It’s Not Over“ (Joel Mull Resmaash) Last Night On Earth 4) Dave DK “Palmaille” (Original) Kompakt 5) Kastis Torrau feat. Amber Long “Menace” (Original Mix) Stripped Recordings 6) John Tejada “We Can Pretend” (Instrumental) Kompakt 7) Marco Resmann “More Or Less” (Original) Poker Flat 8) Acumen “Between The Lines” (Matthias Meyer Remix) KNM 9) Issac “Earth Below Us” (Original Mix) Looq 10) Robert Babicz “Ange Solitaire” (Lutzenkirchen Remix) Bedrock 11) Chaim “Blue Shadow” (Tennis Remix) Rumors Thank you to all the labels and artists for their support! To submit music, promos, bookings, or other inquiries, please email link link Pangea Recordings Podcast is dedicated to pushing forward the best in underground electronic dance music. For over a decade now, Pangea Recordings has been at the forefront of American Dance Music and breaking through artists year after year, with over 200 individual releases to its name. Our supporters span the globe, and are top DJs and Producers such as Sasha, John Digweed, Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Paul Oakenfold, Richie Hawtin, Above & Beyond, Max Graham, Booka Shade, Guy J, Microtrauma, Lonya, Henry Saiz, Issac, Baunder (Soundexile), Silinder, Marcelo Vasami, Tini Tun, Aiden, Denis A, CID Inc., Tilt, Betoko, Dan Mangan, Alex Nemec, Barry Jamieson, Sonic Union, Luke Porter and more. Hosted by label boss DJ Samer, this podcast will feature up and coming releases from his self and Pangea Recordings, as well as up and coming producers from different labels as well. link link 
this is where I got my tutorial from...take your pick!!! link 
ok I'll bite...I will too slash! :yes: 

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download → Above and Beyond, Arty, Fedde le Grand, Wilkinson, Second City - SW4 Weekender London - August 2014
Above and Beyond, Arty, Fedde le Grand, etc - SW4 Weekender London - August 2014
download → Carl Cox - Live at Space Closing Fiesta, Ultra Stage (Ibiza) [Essential Mix] - 05-Oct-2014
Carl Cox - Live at Space Closing Fiesta, Ultra Stage (Ibiza) [Essential Mix] - 05-Oct-2014
download → Ryan Crosson, Shaded, Carlo Lio, Gardens of God, Chris Tietjen, etc - Barrakud 2014, Romania (Various Parties) - August 2014
Ryan Crosson, Shaded, Carlo Lio, etc - Barrakud 2014, Romania (Various Parties) - August 2014