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img ?$%#ing atrocious...2 worthy tracks I liked...apart from that woeful.. I suggest ministry leaves it well alone, as they will only taint a great CD series if they continue on 
moocowdan this is a damn good one to start back listening to. I love Kermesse podcast :beer2: 
Cheers Leon! Caribou I will look out, ten walls em I love, I have listened to this. Their track requiem is top shelf.... Never shy on underworld, I note there was a recent video posted😁 
Anyone wants one of these videos? 2014-10-15 D-Edge presents Black Belt Tour @ BAUT Amsterdam 2014-10-15 Ovum Recordings @ Macloud Studio Amsterdam 2014-10-16 Loveland pres. Diynamic @ Mediahaven Amsterdam 2014-10-16 Soul Clap Records @ Macloud Studio Amsterdam 2014-10-17 NGHTDVSN @ Amsterdam Roest 2014-10-17 Slam Reverse Proceed Album Launch @ Macloud Studio Amsterdam 2014-10-18 DGTL Presents Kompakt @ Scheepsbouwloods Amsterdam 2014-10-18 Electric Deluxe @ Awakenings Amsterdam 2014-10-19 Labyrinth Club Antwerp Daytime Special @ Panama Amsterdam 
Bought 100 tickets, won 50 points. :-/ 
POINTS : 173 TICKETS : 50 
Almost forgot Underworld 6 Mix is damn tasty as well ....... :cool: :cool: :cool: :mbounce: 
Yup I agree ... Caribou Essential Mix is pretty good :yes: :yes: Dan ... Ten Walls EM , Heidi EM & Tale Of Us @ La Nuit are all champion :thumbsup: 
i have alot of catching up to do..... any recommendations? 
I have listened to Caribou's Essential Mix about 6 times since Saturday. So much fun, goes so many places. Might not be my favorite essential mix of 2014, but so far I think it's my favorite EM for track selections. 
Solarstone - Electronic Architecture 3 Coffeemug 
I know it won't hurt me, but I really wanted to see this : "All 70 Peers Connectable - good job!!" This is not the only tracker recommending 2.2.1, and also after trying out utorrent 3 with all the ads and incresed resource usage there was not much thinking abou going back to 2.2.1 {quoted:slash} Thanks, I think that the files that were all the spreaded in 3 computers (there one more for me to check) are now joined in one that's up 24/7, unless there's a power outage. :-P 
btw, it's a good list of torrents... =) 
yeah i saw you mentioned the seedbox. this is some remnants of that "bug". as you remember, it was fixed around 15th, 6 days ago. and these extra peers you seeing, they've been there for the past 10 days. there are still about 35 users carrying ip, they are yet to revisit to update that, plus restart their peers eventually.. lets put it this way: somebody's seeds under your account won't hurt you, right, they only add to your upload stats.. also it's funny, is it my doing or what, but the build of utorrent is really popular on tribalmixes.. =) i use build 25110. this also confuses a bit in this situation, cause apparently both you and your impersonator are both using same build of utorrent - 25302.. interesting coincidence... that other person is using port 65000 though.. hehe.. you got total of 6MB for free... hehe.. i will delete these peers now so they won't bother you.. =) 
Oh yes ....... Massive CHELSEA fan here :-D :-D :-D :-D 

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download → Carl Craig, Tiefschwarz, Layo & Bushwacka!, Annie Mac, Jose De Divina & Shaun Reeves - Live At Space 25th Anniversary (Ibiza) - 13-Jul-2014
Carl Craig, Tiefschwarz, etc - Live At Space 25th Anniversary (Ibiza) - 13-Jul-2014
download → Technasia VS Riva Starr, Toni Varga, Marc Maya, Raul Mezcolanza - live at Elrow Closing Party 2014 (Space, Ibiza) - 27-Sep-2014
Technasia VS Riva Starr, Toni Varga, etc - live at Elrow Closing Party 2014 (Space, Ibiza) - 27-Sep-2014