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{quoted:slash} Ya, I love that mp3 to death :) I think I played like 10 times or so. I don't know why, the music was subpar at best, but it gets me hyped everytime. Maybe it has to do with the crowd. 
it's been shared as mp3, too... 
{quoted:jerpaa} Yes, please. That would be awesome. Thank you so much. 
Cracking tune, i like this one :-) 
the DJ Mustard set did have 15 minutes of "Technical Difficulties please stay tuned". He was on the Wireless Festival too couple of weeks ago with a 1h set, can send that too if you like. Will probably megapack all Lollapalooza performances in 1 torrent on Monday. cheers 
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{quoted:jerpaa} Thank you so much, I was bummed when I was not able to catch DJ Mustard (yeah, say whatever you want about my music taste :lol: :lol: but he is real hype). You are doing God' work here. 
the thing is, i added proxy system-wide, so everything would have gone through it.. i will try, although i cannot really find a video now with adobehds.. =) 
tried recording this to no avail... can someone help? youtube-dl finds the m3u8 but then can't get it for some reason.. :( 
taken from Live at MixMag DJ Lab LA :) 
this will be captured 
img img img img 
So this event tonight is audio only right? No video live stream. 
The adobehds cmd line has a switch for adding a proxyserver... try to add it there 

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download → Sandeep - live at DGTL Festival 2015 (Amsterdam) - 04-Apr-2015
Sandeep - live at DGTL Festival 2015 (Amsterdam) - 04-Apr-2015
download → Diplo - live at Encore Beach Club, EDC 2015 - 19-Jun-2015
Diplo - live at Encore Beach Club, EDC 2015 - 19-Jun-2015
download → Thalab - Live At IMS Dalt Vila 2015 (Ibiza) - Grand Finale - 22-May-2015
Thalab - Live At IMS Dalt Vila 2015 (Ibiza) - Grand Finale - 22-May-2015