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for beatport schedule, check out ->> there's like 20 events planned at this point, will probably grow, as's list is also growing.. 
POINTS : 341 TICKETS : 45 good luck :-P 
Tercsab-Dream Come True Promo Mix 2015 Oct Niceeee.... :-D 
img Title: Delta Deep vol.2 Artist: Various Artists Style: Deep House Label: Black Delta Records "Delta Deep vol.2" brings you into the shades of the best Deep house tunes. Listen to the release here and get your own copy! Available Now From: link link link Thank you for your Support! 
The live video coverage of ADE will change a bit this year: {quote} But is still in the games, here's the current schedule: Really looking forward to, will record and share as much as I can! 
{quoted:t00narmy} Good point -- I've always wondered if I was the only one who noticed this. Now I keep this site zoomed out on Chrome to 90% and there is no more horizontal scrollbar. However, I'm not sure if that's the reason user activity is low. 
wrong forum fantozzo 
Simple ,dont use ur phone for torrents its too risky 
POINTS : 390 TICKETS : 12 
{quoted:slash} {quote} Taken from here 
bet there is alot like me here, ill come read the forums but tent not to post. Most annoying thing of the site and only thing that puts me off is the width of the site ,too wide <<< lol im not french 
Learning about how to work with audio-files and what today's possibilites are, is absolutely fascinating. There i. e. is a big group of people get mad when somebody adjusts the loudness of file before it's fully mastered. They claim that it's possible to hear the difference in quality, similar to the people that claim themselves as being audiophile from before. Again, scientists needed to help out, and the final statement from them was that: "The algorythm to make loudness adjustments is actually so precise, that it shouldn't be used more than 40-60 times on the same file, because then, artifacts could appear :D . For me this ment, that even if the original record-recorder adjusted the loudness before and after mastering, if the DJ adjusted it again, and if the person who live recorded the DJ also adjusted the loudness, you could still adjust the loudness 35 times without problems :thumbsup: . Btw., did you know, that with today's programs, it's absolutely possible to cut out the noise of a ringing mobile-phone while an interview is recorded, without the voices suffering so that one would hear it, if one didn't knew about it? There is one file I want to remaster that has crowd noise. This will take horribly long probably and I don't even know if it's possible, but theoretically, one should be able to get rid of a pain in the neck promoter that tries to animate the crowd by talking useless stuff to them so that only the music is left :) . Watch from the 5th minute onwards to see real magic :wink:
I also read that article, and some more, because I wanted to remaster a collection of mixes. Even though its main theses, that the human ear cannot hear the difference from 16/44 to up to 32/196 for example, because the frequencies added are beyond 20 khz, so not hearable by humans, is correct, it's slightly untrue that i. e. 24 / 196 doesn't have any advantages afaik. It doesn't have any advantages for the person hearing the final version of a file, but in the studio where the music gets (re)mastered, certain effects, like i. e. a "compressor" don't have to be applied with the same degree of preciseness as they'd need to be in 16/44, so for working with those files, 24/196 can make sense. Ofc., the original recording must be in 24 or 32 / 196 so this applies, taking a normal-quality file, then upsampling it and then resampling it down again can do harm to it. Also there is a discussion between scientists and musicians, where "audiophile" people argue, that it still can make sense, to sample music in 24 Bit and 48 kHz. A higher bitrate cannot cause any harm, and for some very few listeners might hear the difference, that is not true for the hordes of people claiming they were audiophile atm., and the argument is about 44 Hz or 48 kHz, not anything above 48 kHz, like marketing people, (mostly from Apple) , wanted to sell. 
150 pts. 1 Gb. Download....woowww..yeeaaahhh!!!!! :love: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: 

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download → Dave Clarke - live in The Lab, The Smirnoffhouse, Mixmag - August 2015
Dave Clarke - live in The Lab, The Smirnoffhouse, Mixmag - August 2015
download → Chandrama, Matteo Monero, Dharmalogy - Time Differences 177 on TM Radio - 20-Sep-2015
Chandrama, Matteo Monero, Dharmalogy - Time Differences 177 on TM Radio - 20-Sep-2015