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Accidentally found this by randomly clicking around on YouTube. Surprised I like this one, just knew Garnier from the late 90s and was not attracted to his style. I enjoyed very much, thanks! 
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And again, munkyn brought me here with his nice radio-stream. :-) Thx for compiling this and upping, slash. Great mixes! 
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Yeah, thanks for upping, I am looking forward to listening! 
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Big THANK YOU, Dan! 
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Ah, nice, more "commercial", I would say, lots of melody and vocals, big LIKE! Thx to the upper and Brian Laruso! 
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Listened to the December 2014 Independent Groove on and I like his stuff. Listening through all the available downloads. Very nice mixes, thanks for the upload! 
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Thanks for compiling and upping, dan, great stuff! 

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posted 2.9y ago in Tribal-mixes is ?
TM is downloading more music than I can hear in a lifetime. :-P 
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posted 2.9y ago in It's NOT Techno
Sounds like 90s commercial-charts-"techno" to me. But I really laughed, seeing what he was doing with his arms in the beginning. You should not do this while dancing here in austria or germany. :lol: :lol: 
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{quoted:1spaceboss} That was a great listening experience, thanks for the link, 1spaceboss! :yoji: 
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Well, I am one of these people who downloads a trance-set now and then, hoping it will get better somewhen. I am still a bit sad :'-( , that trance changed that much, compared with what was out there around 2000. Now I can only hear ?#$%ing charts-"trance" in every set I downloaded for at least five years. :thumbsdown: It wasn't a bad choice to move on to prog and deephouse. :-) Thanks for your replys and recommendations. 
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So any recommandations for downloading good Trance-mixes? 
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posted 3.1y ago in 122Gb
Just gotta say Thank You!!! munkyn. Tuned in the progressive stream and listened to 2.5 of the Pole Folder mixes and I deeply enjoyed it. So I ended up downloading all the year packs, thanks for pointing me there. :-P :thumbsup: 
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posted 3.5y ago in fucking terrible
{quoted:bobross} LOL I don't think any amount of drugs would prepare you for this shit show.[/quote] BIG BIG LOL! :thumbsup: 
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What a $%#?in great piece of music! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Thanks for the post! :thumbsup: 
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posted 3.6y ago in fucking terrible
WTF! Watched anklepants and I simply sat here, my mouth wide opened... :-0 Maybe this is "art"? I dont know, I am with bobross, for me this guy with his penis-nose is disturbing. I dont get the idea of it but the audience seems to be happy. Strange. @djwasabi: which drugs should one use to get this? I cant think of one. On acid this would be a horror-trip. :-) 
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posted 3.6y ago in Just Luuuvvvly
Thx for the post. This really is a lovely, chillin track. I also like the pictures in the video. 

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