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added 10m 1w ago on
points 468 tickets 49 close on maxing out :) 
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added 10m 2w ago on
points 328 tickets 17 
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added 10m 2w ago on
tickets zilch points 162 
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added 11m 4d ago on
points 438 tickets 42 
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this set OMG sent the courtyard insane :) 
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this set was awesome i was there and believe me it was awesome thank you for sharing this with us :) 
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added 1.1y ago on
points 381 tickets 30 
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added 1.2y ago on
points 444 tickets 30 
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added 1.3y ago on
points 479 tickets 48 not quite maxed out but comes close :) 
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added 1.5y ago on
points 0 tickets 25 

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img WE GO LIVE WORLDWIDE on Afterhours.FM from 9.30PM GMT / 10.30PM CET / 3.30PM CST. live from O2 Academy Leeds here >> set time listed here img 
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* SPECIAL SURPRISE ANNOUNCEMENT ** Transmission Prague - Seven Sins LIVE BROADCAST on Afterhours.FM starts at midnight TONIGHT : Time-Table for Tonight's LIVE BROADCAST from Transmission Prague on Afterhours.FM (CET Times) Solarstone, Alex M.O.R.P.H. and Thomas Coastline official fanpage's sets will be Recorded and aired Later. Broadcast kicks-off at 00:00 with GO 00:00 : Giuseppe Ottaviani live 01:15 : Transmix by Rank 1 01:30 : Markus Schulz (at 3 the clock goes back one hour to wintertime, total set duration 1.45) 02:15 : John O'Callaghan Official 03:30 : Photographer 04:45 : Bryan Kearney 06:00 : The End (New Time / Winter Time) if anyone can grab this entire broadcast :) I'm laid up with flu :-( so i wont still be awake come midnight as i'm struggling to stay awake at 1735hours BST (as its not GMT till 2am) to tune in or even try to audio grab :-( :'-( 
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Yeh i have tried port forwarding on a D-Link 3780 talktalk router fella ... went into virtual server settings and followed that guide nothing worked Just been issued my 2nd ratio warning ..... i donated today to boost my friggin share ratio got that to 1.43 and now its yeh down again ..... the files im reseeding or attempting to are some of those listed on here in the re-seed requests I'll have zero ratio at this rate :( :thumbsdown: 
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I'm not having any luck making myself connectable I am currently showing on TM as 100% non connectable with 33 files im uploading on force start seeding (though nothing is happening) via uTorrent, this is dragging my share ratio back don quicker than you can watch paint dry. I have had uTorrent open and running with some of the files for over 24 hours now as well and nothing seems to be seeding :/ I have gone through the how to guides looked at my settings, turned off my Mcafee firewall and turned off netguard for uTorrent and still nothing :-/ How can i make myself connectable please anyone help big smiley face and waves :-D 
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posted 2.7y ago in UTorrent Unconnectable
How did you manage to become connectable again i am having the same issue and its dragging my share ratio down constantly :-/ 
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I have gone through this how to guide and i'm still not connectable ... this is one of the main factors that drags my share ratio down mostly when i am seeding the life out of torrents I currently have 8 non connectable ones all on force start seeding and 6 of these have been so for 24 hours now use uTorrent and on TalkTalk .... :-/ 
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posted 2.9y ago in ASOT - The Netherlands
Have you ever attended ASOT primarily in the Netherlands please take a moment to fill in my quick survey to help with my dissertation topic :whistle: Also, please share with others not here but you know will have attended :) sharing is caring and all that ... thanks peeps :-D 

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