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added 2.1y ago on Arthur Sense - Entity of..
thanks my friends! Merry Christmas! 
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thanks guys, soon 3 hrs anniversary on TM! 
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{quoted:munkyn} thanks brody! 
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thanks guys! 
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when the sound was progressive 
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added 2.7y ago on Arthur Sense - Entity of..
thanks friends! I was somewhere after watching this movie ))) 
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{quoted:munkyn} thanks brody for constant attention and words of support! cheeeeeers! 
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thanks guys! 
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finally Andy got involved to our vinyl lovers club )) 
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added 3.3y ago on
{quoted:robergto} thanks so much my friend for such kind words! this means a lot for me and I see you have an excellent taste in music, but no secret in that - you are from Hernan's and Martin's lands!!! Thanks again for this feedback, I give always the best from my heart! hugs my friend! 

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Happy BirthDay TRIBALMIXES COMMUNITY! I've been joining this community for about two years already and I must say that is the best underground and djmixes resource these days! All what we're seeing here is a result of great hard work of each user around... and especially Sergey! Thanks Sergey for ur creativity and responsiveness of anything! Thanks to you all! Dani, Munkyn, Djafar, etc etc etc! May 7th on we'll provide our '8 years back session' with Abraham! Only pure Underground Sound from the best vinyl labels! 8pm, stay tuned ppl! Happy BirthDay TM! 
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I must to say only ONE! It was to hard to create so specific and actually great portal & community for dj mixes and tm radio broadcast! And it looks now JUST AMAZING! Im 1 Year old in this community, but for me its new level, new impressions, i got here new friends, fans and simply - good guys! Djafar, slash, Tokes, moocowdan, Andy Basque, Kairy, Musabesni, Vylka and this list have not end...and all this because tribalmixes exist! And i wish to Sergey best things in his hard work to admin this not easy system and all my friends here for our friendship!!! Happy BirthDay TribalMixes!!! Love you all!!! :drunk: 

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slashProDanceCulture wrote on 2014-03-16 18:28:40March 16th, 2014 at 6:28pm
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thank you for the super awesome dark beats you always deliver!! i'm a big fan for sure!!