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hey guys awesome music ... now this is what is real dark progressive man ... great tracks very nicely mixed by all of you amazing work man .. Full Support !! Cheers guys :) KEEEP IT DARK .. :wink: 
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added 10m 2w ago on Arthur Sense - Entity of..
KEEEp IT Dark :wink: very nice work mate ! Cheeers 
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added 10m 3w ago on
oh its perfect now brother :wink: 
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added 10m 3w ago on
yeah very nice layout but can not see what we are typing :P 
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added 1.3y ago on N-Tchbl - Subliminal on..
Masssive set as always cheeers !! :wink: 
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Very nice mixing massive drumss BRAVO ! :wink: 
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added 1.7y ago on DANIYAL HASSAN (DJ DANNY)..
Thanks LadyDana :) 
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added 1.7y ago on DANIYAL HASSAN (DJ DANNY)..
Thanks Alot Buddy Cheeers !! :wink: share it with your friends :) Dj DANNY  
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added 1.8y ago on DJ DANNY , DANIYAL HASSAN..
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added 1.9y ago on Lemon8 - 8-Track Mind on..
Good Set ! Keeeep it up cheers :wink: 

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