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I have the same problem...not conectable. I was out of country and computer off for 3 weeks and now all torrents from seed are RED. Whats going on ? Please somebody help me. Thank you. 
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Yes me too...i read carefully all instructions and advices and i do everything except router settings. Im still not going crazy... Somebody can explain me why on many other torrent sites im ok and here no ? Thank you 

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Real journey like usual :) thx 
comment icon anarchy :) 
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Party was amazing :D Lee never dissapointed in Bucharest ! :-P 
comment icon usual ! Rate +5 :) 
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Wow...amazing mix with Thebo ! Thank you 
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Very good start. Keep going ! Thx ;-) 
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Great mixes !! Thank you ! :love: 
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wow...great sound...keep going ! good luck ! we are already fan's :) 
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4.5h set first hour little bit confused but after that was ok overall good set :) 
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we want moreeeeeeee :) 68 min its not enough :-D 

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