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{quoted:alexmdj} Bloody hell. Hadn't heard that. Thanks for the info. I see Rene LeVice is taking over. 
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Needless to say, I'll be cherry picking (or at least cutting out Annie Mac & Danny Howard) but otherwise this looks ace. Cheers Jerpaa! 
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{quoted:slash} welcome! wink will be in 3rd pack. coming later Terazza - 25 GB and Discoteca - 30 GB[/quote] Ah! I see - you've split it into 3 because of the size. Very wise! Thanks for the epic work - will grab all 3 later on :) 
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This looks epic - thanks for capturing and sharing and RIP Space!!! No Josh Wink though? 
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Excellent! Thanks dude! 
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{quoted:slash} No - it's the DIFM live stream. They broadcast live on the night as it was the last ever Space set. 
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Danny Howells! Thanks! 
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Nice one! Thanks! 
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Looks amazing! Thanks! 
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This looks very tasty. Thanks! 

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Thanks mate, but think I'm okay now. Good old Soulseek came good! Don't know why I didn't try that before. Don't use it much, but always seems to work for locating older sets! Thanks for the offer though - much appreciated :thumbsup: 
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Hi Guys, Does anyone out there have a copy of Carl Cox - Global #552 (preferably the DIFM version in 256kbps) please? This is one of the shows I wasn't able to record due to my house move last year, and although I've managed to find copies of #551 and #553 I cannot seem to find an active link or torrent anywhere on the web for thsi episode. Should have grabbed it nearer the TX date but forgot! Would have been broadcast on DIFM on 18/10/2013, the first hour was B2B with Marco Carola, the second hour B2B with Nic Fanciulli if that rings any bells. Thanks for any help :-) Cheers! 
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posted 4.1y ago in Merry Christmas Tribalmixers
Merry Christmas Everyone! Thanks to everyone who downloaded my uploads and took the time to provide positive feedback or constructive criticism (the whingers can do one :o) ) and special thanks to Slash for all his hard work keeping this site going and putting up with my hissy fits :lol: Enjoy your day guys - however and with whomever you're spending it :thumbsup: 
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{quoted:moocowdan} Ha! Typical - you've got the same gap as me :lol: Thanks for looking anyway Moocowdan - much appreciated :thumbsup: 
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After a re-seed of this one if possible: (John 00 Fleming - Global Trance Grooves 095 [DI Edition] I can't find a copy of the DI Edition of this episode of Global Trance Grooves anywhere (the 192kbps version is available from J00F's website) and need this fill a gap in my collection. Thanks! EE 

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