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Not the standard heavy hitting D&B, instead you get a selection of the best tunes from the Dispatch camp, both old and new, in this 13th podcast mix for Outlook Festival.

More info: DLR facebook, Outlook Festival website

DLR - In all honesty i was never a huge Dispatch fan boy, not the best way to start I know, but bare with me. Perhaps it was because at the time I was feeling a harder style of dnb and music in general, and for whatever reason didn't pick up on the undeniably infectious vibes and style of the Dispatch releases at the time. This meant delving back into the history of the label to really discover what it was, and still is all about was challenging, interesting and helped rekindle my love for a scene which is without doubt one of the most special, creative and forward thinking scenes and genres in the World! Starting at the beginning with the early releases that were actually featured on Metalheadz at the time, and titled Dispatch 1-3, written and produced by the founders of the label Hidden Agenda, instantly you are thrown into a world of texture, musicality, creativity and generally amazing written, forward thinking dnb. This instantly got my memories flowing and the fire was blazing hard, in my room, on my own, with me, myself and, well me for company and about 60-70 flawless Dispatch Recordings tracks. That was it, the day was prearranged by the instant vibes that I felt as I began to put these tracks together. You know when things are good, when you are pretty much working in chronological order, but things fit and the energy is flowing, I got in the zone and started slamming these mixes together and all of a sudden was on a journey through the labels back catalogue, 7 hours later, and I had what was the original version of the mix! Needless to say i had the last laugh!… really though, it was an absolute pleasure to put the mix together, it's amazing how my perceptions changed as I slowly re-educated myself on some of the finest dnb know to man…! Oh, apart from any of those TC1 tracks, which could clearly do with a little bit of Octane & DLR knowledge and skill to help them match up to the masterpieces written by Hidden Agenda, Survival, Commix, NOS, Cern, Hybris, and of course DLR… Jokes aside, this is a mix that I want to become timeless, showcasing some ridiculous talent from across the globe, fully representing the spirit of the label, artists and of course Outlook Festival. This year will see another year of takeover in the Moat of the infamous Punto Christo fort near to Pula in Croatia. If you are new to this spectacle, get ready for something truly special!

A word from an immature label boss who is slowly disintegrated under the pressure of too much work not enough play - Ant TC1

"I'm very proud of young Jaymee, since he was abandoned at a young age for being 'runt of the rowbotham litter' I took him under my drum and bass wing and i'm chuffed to bits that since learning to tie his laces he's now learned how to record a mix too!
It took me back to times i almost forgot and in all honesty it's a great reminder of times and tunes i almost forgot since what seems like way back in 2001!"

1. Hidden Agenda - No Guard (Dispatch #3)
2. Hidden Agenda - Dispatch #2
3. Max Fresh - Quiet Day
4. Nos - Soul Gio
5. Nos - Believe Me (Acetate & Renegade RMX)
6. Max Fresh - Shutdown
7. Nos - Daylight
8. Artificial Intelligence - Rise & Shine
9. Tactile - Caravan
10. Stress Level & Ant TC1 - Indigo Run
11. Motive - Domino
12. Tactile - Aldabra (Commix RMX)
13. Chris SU, Ant TC1 & Stress Level - Free
14. Stress Level & Ant TC1 - No Way Back (XRS RMX)
15. Tactile - Banton
16. Survival - Alpine
17. Atlantic Connection - Situations
18. Survival - Exile
19. Atlantic Connection - Situations (Ant TC1 & Stress Level RMX)
20. Zero Tolerance & Survival - No More
21. Stress Level, Ant TC1 & Chris SU - Waves (Survival RMX)
22. Survival - Sky
23. Ant TC1 & DLR - Space & TIme
24. DLR - Elsewhere
25. Spinline - Nothing More
26. Survival - Tec
27. Cern & Dabs - Leverage
28. Octane & DLR - Back in the Grind
29. Octane & DLR - The Walrus
30. Octane & DLR - Seven
31. Survival - Alien
32. Break & Survival - Your Time Will Come
33. Survival & Paul T - Go Back
34. Nymfo - Recollection
35. Dabs & Safire - Back & Forth
36. Optiv & BTK (ft. Dephzac) - Submission
37. Skeptical & Dub Phizix - The Enemy
38. Spinline - Artificial
39. Mindscape & Hydro - Pest Kontrol
40. Marcus Intalex - Stark
41. Octane & DLR - Back in the Grind (Cern & Dabs RMX)
42. Bal - All City
43. Dabs - Subsidiary
44. Amoss - New Jack Swing
45. Skeptical & MC Fokus - Fluctuate
46. Sabre - Halo Danger
47. Stress Level & Ant TC1 - Lost in Music PT.2
48. Zero T & Script - Judas
49. Silent Witness - Magnetize
50. Break & Survival - Stano
51. EBK - Mud
52. NickBee - Carpe Diem
53. Skeptical - Process of Elimination
54. Skeptical & Dub Phizix - Lastik
55. NFM - Donuts
56. EBK, DLR & Octane - Show Me
57. Survival & Silent Witness - Black Storm
58. Break, DLR & Octane - Murmur
59. Survival - Dub Soldier
60. Dabs & Safire - Back & Forth (Mako, DLR & Ant TC1 RMX)
61. Dabs - Objection
62. Hybris - Gravitron
63. Spinline - Monday Luv

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