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The episode 31 brings a special guest mix on Insomniafm Podcast his names is Funkerman.

Funkerman, known to his postman as Ardie van Beek, (born 1975, Breda, The Netherlands), is a well known DJ/producer and founder of Flamingo Recordings.

From his first love of pioneering US hip hop, through obsessive crate digging for classic soul, Disco and Funk, to riding on the first waves of US house; he has always been on a quest to find, make and play new and exciting music.

Whilst spinning at the Spock club in Breda in the mid nineties he was also starting to produce and promote music, while working in local record store, Magik. Being surrounded by the records he loved gave him an insight to the dance music industry as well as keen sense of how music moved people, and he quickly became a A&R manager; working at the heart of the burgeoning Dutch scene.

Through years of hard work DJ-ing and producing, Funkerman established himself internationally, and by 2004 he decided it was time to capitalise on his success, so he founded Flamingo Recordings, with fellow producer Raf and DJ/producer Fedde le Grand.

Genre: Progressive House
Duration: 01:03:14


01. Isodyne - Burn It All To Ashes (00:00)
02. Benjamin Brunn - No Kicks (00:57)
03. Gregor Tresher - Lights From The Inside (Dosem remix) (04:09)
04. Citizen Kain & Worakis - Stripped (Da Fresh remix) (08:44)
05. Gui Boratto - Notations (Gabe remix) (12:47)
06. Kerkez - Rolling Things (Kibz remix) (16:21)
07. Blacktron - The President (19:24)
08. Alex Costa - Alright (UGLH underground remix) (23:28)
09. Tom Budden - Choco Swing (28:32)
10. Dema & Paride Saraceni - Smoking Hot (32:06)
11. Yeray Herrera - For boy & Girl Piggy (34:07)
12. Jay Lumen - The Journey pt.2 (35:54)
13. Mendo & Andre Butano - Gringo (40:28)
14. DJ McKoy - Black Kids (43:31)
15. Alex Costa - Come Home (45:41)
16. Charlie Solana - Let Me Feel (48:59)
17. Loose Village - Shaykas (55:39)
18. Nice7 - Longboard (58:57)


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