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i have nothing to say, but THANK YOU to everyone who's made this possible. this is definitely one of the Top 5 longest/biggest events that TM Radio (and TribalMixes Radio before that) has known, its duration was longer than 2 days - 48:45:15, it included 45 mixes done by 48 DJs (3 duos), it was simply fantastic and out of this world.

would be great to hear everyone's thoughts here about their favorite sets from the celebration. and here's to the next 5 years!!


23:00:39 Three Million Ways
01:00:45 P.Andonov
01:54:15 DJ Mavrikoff JR
02:46:26 Bo B
03:48:49 Paul Key
04:51:45 Deep Soul Duo
05:52:18 Andy Basque
06:51:58 Dido
07:50:39 Suffused
08:51:06 Anton Mayday
09:54:45 Cem Ermis
10:55:36 Julian Rodriguez
11:54:33 Arthur Sense
13:53:18 DJ GaeTano
14:56:29 TheLuckyOne
16:00:15 Musabesni
17:01:52 Nubian
17:59:17 Kike Mayor
18:55:21 Gerardo Boscarino (LIVE)
19:55:22 Kintar
21:15:22 Amir Nashaat
22:10:41 Djafar
23:16:57 CoolVibe


00:04:11 DJ kiDe
00:59:36 Stranger & Violeta Kukleva
02:58:48 Sima Deep
04:37:46 DJ Abdo Chivas
05:43:43 DJ HitMe
06:44:58 DJ Mando
07:51:19 Bassam
08:50:19 TribMan
09:52:05 Paul Vinitsky
10:49:48 DJ LU
11:55:43 Sunnteck
12:58:20 Jun Yagi (Nanowave Trax)
13:58:10 The Kinky Funkers
14:54:43 Levente
15:48:07 PMC
16:49:18 DJ Topo
17:51:07 Satline
19:04:03 DJ Tarkan
19:57:50 Tamer Fouda
20:49:41 Darin Epsilon
21:50:01 PHM
22:33:10 Dimitar Valev aka SpaceBird

if you'd like to download only a few of these mixes, try this search http://www.tribalmixes.com/browse.php?search=tm+radio+5th+anniversary (all torrents are ratio-free and each has direct download links assigned)
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Amir Nashaat - TM Radio 5th Anniversary.mp3126.63 MBn/a
Andy Basque - TM Radio 5th Anniversary.mp381.94 MBn/a
Anton Mayday - TM Radio 5th Anniversary.mp3145.70 MBn/a
Arthur Sense - TM Radio 5th Anniversary (special 2hr set).mp3272.77 MBn/a
Bassam - TM Radio 5th Anniversary.mp3135.04 MBn/a
Bo B - TM Radio 5th Anniversary - 30-oct-2011.mp3114.24 MBn/a
Cem Ermis - TM Radio 5th Anniversary.mp383.57 MBn/a
CoolVibe - TM Radio 5th Anniversary.mp366.17 MBn/a
DJ Abdo Chivas - TM Radio 5th Anniversary.mp390.57 MBn/a
DJ GaeTano - TM Radio 5th Anniversary.mp3144.63 MBn/a
DJ HitMe - TM Radio 5th Anniversary.mp3140.19 MBn/a
DJ LU - TM Radio 5th Anniversary.mp3150.87 MBn/a
DJ Mando - TM Radio 5th Anniversary.mp391.12 MBn/a
DJ Mavrikoff JR - TM Radio 5th Anniversary - 30-oct-2011.mp3119.45 MBn/a
DJ Tarkan - TM Radio 5th Anniversary.mp3123.10 MBn/a
DJ Topo - TM Radio 5th Anniversary.mp384.89 MBn/a
DJ kiDe - TM Radio 5th Anniversary.mp3101.48 MBn/a
Darin Epsilon - Guest Mix for TM Radio Anniversary.mp3139.11 MBn/a
Deep Soul Duo - TM Radio 5th Anniversary - 30-oct-2011.mp383.15 MBn/a
Dido - TM Radio 5th Anniversary.mp3134.33 MBn/a
Dimitar Valev aka SpaceBird - TM Radio 5th anniversary.mp397.74 MBn/a
Djafar - TM Radio 5th Anniversary (Gato Negro).mp3121.35 MBn/a
Gerardo Boscarino - TM Radio 5th Anniversary (LIVE @ Brahma Lounge, La Boite).mp382.43 MBn/a
Julian Rodriguez - TM Radio 5th Anniversary.mp3134.93 MBn/a
Jun Yagi (Nanowave Trax) - TM Radio 5th Anniversary.mp3137.03 MBn/a
Kike Mayor - TM Radio 5th Anniversary.mp3128.32 MBn/a
Kintar - TM Radio 5th Anniversary.mp3183.11 MBn/a
Levente - TM Radio 5th Anniversary (Live Set for Apple).mp373.33 MBn/a
Musabesni - TM Radio 5th Anniversary.mp3112.84 MBn/a
Nubian - TM Radio 5th Anniversary.mp3105.15 MBn/a
P.Andonov- TM Radio 5th anniversary - 30-oct-2011.mp3122.75 MBn/a
PHM - TM Radio 5th Anniversary.mp369.66 MBn/a
PMC - TM Radio 5th Anniversary.mp3140.05 MBn/a
Paul Key - TM Radio 5th Anniversary - 30-oct-2011.mp386.42 MBn/a
Paul Vinitsky - TM Radio 5th Anniversary.mp3132.12 MBn/a
Satline - TM Radio 5th Anniversary.mp3166.94 MBn/a
Sima Deep - TM Radio 5th Anniversary (special 2hr mix).mp3226.52 MBn/a
Stranger & Violeta Kukleva - TM Radio 5th Anniversary (special 2hr mix).mp3163.69 MBn/a
Suffused - TM Radio 5th Anniversary.mp3138.37 MBn/a
Sunnteck - TM Radio 5th Anniversary.mp3143.34 MBn/a
Tamer Fouda - TM Radio 5th Anniversary.mp371.20 MBn/a
The Kinky Funkers - TM Radio 5th Anniversary.mp3129.45 MBn/a
TheLuckyOne - TM Radio 5th Anniversary.mp3145.94 MBn/a
Three Million Ways - TM Radio 5th Anniversary (special 2hr mix) - 30-oct-2011.mp3274.94 MBn/a
TribMan - TM Radio 5th Anniversary.mp3141.37 MBn/a
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What Tribalmixes Community had to say about this torrent...
slashlivesets wrote on 2011-11-04 10:40:17November 4th, 2011 at 10:40am
slash's profile picture
how about each one of us posts their personal favorites in this celebration? many heard it on the radio, many have downloaded torrents... i will start, although i must say - i loved all the mixes, i've tuned in and streamed all 48 hours of it, stayed up and heard maybe 35 hours... each mix is amazing in its own way.. but if i were asked for my top 5 performances, i would answer this:
1 - PHM
2 - Arthur Sense
3 - Gerardo Boscarino
4 - Djafar
5 - Musabesni

moocowdanstarModerator wrote on 2011-11-04 11:21:11November 4th, 2011 at 11:21am
moocowdan's profile picture
1. PHM
2. Gerardo boscarino
3. Dj tarkan
4. Deep soul duo
5. The kinky funkers

esotericvip: UndergrounD : wrote on 2011-11-04 11:40:05November 4th, 2011 at 11:40am
esoteric's profile picture
On my own, I want to say that I am very pleased to be part of this celebration. Each mix of their is very good and unique. Among these mixes presents more works of my friends and colleagues. Im very grateful to slash for the wonderful staff and great pleasure that I received from this event, and all the listeners who supporting this progressive & unique sound! :wink:

vitorioVENI VIDI VICI wrote on 2011-11-04 14:55:51November 4th, 2011 at 2:55pm
vitorio's profile picture
 :-)  :thankyou:  :-)

slashlivesets wrote on 2011-11-07 18:21:15November 7th, 2011 at 6:21pm
slash's profile picture
any more comments here?

adamc84starTopFlight wrote on 2012-04-22 16:48:04April 22nd, 2012 at 4:48pm
adamc84's profile picture
Thank you so much for this wonderful Marathon Set. Pretty Awesome Stuff. Thank You Again.

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