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Boom :mbounce:

Here your weekly dose of transition on Kiss !!!!

Source : Kiss 100 Fm Sat
Quality : 192 Kbps - 48.000 Htz - Stereo
Length :

Part 1 : 58 mn 00 s
Part 2 : 57 mn 58 s

Track Listing :

John Digweed :

Sorry No T/L

Maetrik :

no T/L at this time

i recorded This show exclusively for www.tribalmixes.com. If you feel like sharing this file elsewhere, please leave tags intact and give credit to Tribalmixes and the original uploader. Thanks

Enjoy :yoji:
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sound qualitySAT / 192 KBps
file-size159.26 MB (166,999,985 bytes)
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info hash90a4684cb7764b370d2366aaf31471f198ef6111
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this torrent consists of 2 files
 Kiss 100 FM - 2010-09-19 - Part 1 - John Digweed.mp3
size: 79.66 MB
 Kiss 100 FM - 2010-09-19 - Part 2 - Maetrik.mp3
size: 79.61 MB

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What Tribalmixes Community had to say about this torrent...

fillimstarV.I.P. wrote on 2011-03-17 14:56:40March 17th, 2011 at 2:56pm
fillim's profile picture
John Digweed
01. Dave Ellesmere Always Love [Supplement Facts]
02. Solead Wander (Okain Remix) [Metroline]
03. Gabriel Ananda Kota Suer [Platzhirsch 25]
04. Groove Armada Feat. Will Young History (Tom Budden Alive Dub) [Cooking Vinyl]
05. Jussi Pekka Steam Horse (Motorcitysoul Remix) [Cdr]
06. Unknown Chatterbox (King Unique Remix) [CDR]
07. Soulfire Neptune (Spirit Catcher Remix) [Soulfire]
08. Glimpse Walk Tall (Maceo Plex Remix) [Crosstown Rebels]
09. John Talobot Matildas Dream [Cdr]

01. Maetrik Caught Between [Unreleased]
02. Coming Soon -
03. Morcheeba Blood Like Lemonade (Maetrik Remix) [Pias]
04. Maetrik Feat. Kule Runner Snorkel
05. Shenoda Moment [1trax]
06. Freak Strano & Sebastian Davidson My Friend Is A Cloud (Nico Lahs Remix) [Noir Music]
07. Maceo Plex Push Me [Unreleased]
08. Maetrik Crush On Me [Unreleased]
09. Acumen, Timid Boy You Make Me (Bart Skils Remix) [Bitten]
10. Jedi Knights Big Knockers [Universal Language]
11. Gene Hunt Jazzie [Svek]
12. John Digweed & Nick Muir Satellite (Maetrik Heavy Remix) [Bedrock]
13. Maetrik Glob Monster [Bedrock]
14. Jark Prongo Helios [Fresh Fruit)

Active Brand
Active Brand
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