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1111 days in a row & we are proud to announce
Mild 'N Minty - 3rd Anniversary. The rising saga of Balkan Connection.

It all started Anno Domini 1999 when Mild 'N Minty was found as one of summer events in notorious club Ambasada Gavioli by it's creator.
Long time sleeping beauty woke up on February 2014 and started a progressive journey on undernourished Slovenian underground scene.

In first year of existence we search for venues and succeed to join in local audio/visual artists network on East - West ax of country. For us that was supporting pearls of national DJs, VJs & ambient designers hidden from daily sights in virtual world.

Together we build up foundations for dance events and within few months later also a Mild 'N Minty Radio Show. After 24 events, a festival and monthly radio shows broadcasting new artist join us from ex Yugoslavia republic. At the beginning just a friendship that soon become new international Mild 'N Minty dimension spread all over Balkan peninsula.

Fellowship of Mild 'N Minty - Balkan Connection was found and reach it's peak @ Mild 'N Minty's 3rd Anniversary.

In the beginning of our 4th year acting 14 artists from 12 countries are writing down new chapter of Mild 'N Minty with this special show surpassing color, gender, national or religion boundaries of the world with universal language of connectivity, empathy & electronic music.

Feel the session, fell the passion,
fell the fellowship of Mild 'N Minty - Balkan Connection!

Adnan Jakubovic (BIH)
Sound: http://soundcloud.com/adnan_jakubovic
Fan: http://facebook.com/Adnan.official

Ani Onix (SLO)
Sound: http://soundcloud.com/ani-ram
Fan: http://www.facebook.com/AniOnix

AudioStorm (MNE)
Sound: http://soundcloud.com/audio-storm
Fan: http://facebook.com/AudioStorm-810454218976540

Ben Gashi (KOS)
Sound: http://www.mixcloud.com/Ben_Gashi
Fan: http://facebook.com/Ben-Gashi-1102191066522193

Cristian Deklic (CRO)
Sound: http://soundcloud.com/dj-chris-j
Fan: http://j.mp/2facebook-cristandeklic

indianX (SLO)
Sound: http://hearthis.at/indianx
Fan: http://facebook.com/indianx13

Jamie Ricaro (SLO)
SOUND: http://mixcloud.com/jamiericaro
Fan Page: http://facebook.com/jamie.ricaro

Milos Miladinovic (SRB)
Sound: http://soundcloud.com/milosmiladinovic
Fan: http://www.facebook.com/DeeJay.Bomber

Obione (TUR)
Sound: http://soundcloud.com/obione21
Fan: http://www.facebook.com/orcun.ercan.3

Oliver Petkovski (MKD)
Sound: http://soundcloud.com/petkovskioliver
Fan: http://www.facebook.com/petkovskioliver

Pavlin Petrov (BUL)
Sound: http://soundcloud.com/pavlin-petrrov
Fan: http://www.facebook.com/PetrovPavlin

Punk Buddha Clown (GRE)
Sound: http://soundcloud.com/Punkbuddhaclown
Fan: http://facebook.com/Punkbuddhaclown

Otherworld (SLO)
Sound: http://mixcloud.com/otherworld
Fan: http://www.facebook.com/mitja.majcen

Zweis (SLO)
Sound: http://soundcloud.com/zweis
Fan: http://facebook.com/Zweis.Dj

Mild 'N Minty
Fan - http://facebook.com/mildnminty
RA Show - http://j.mp/onMildNMintyRAshow
Video - http://j.mp/2MildNMintyVideos
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 Adnan Jakubovic - Mild 'N Minty - 3rd Anniversary.mp3
size: 137.74 MB
 Ani Onix - Mild 'N Minty - 3rd Anniversary.mp3
size: 141.60 MB
 AudioStorm - Mild 'N Minty - 3rd Anniversary.mp3
size: 135.27 MB
 Ben Gashi - Mild 'N Minty - 3rd Anniversary.mp3
size: 123.19 MB
 Cristian Deklic - Mild 'N Minty - 3rd Anniversary.mp3
size: 153.02 MB
 Jamie Ricaro - Mild 'N Minty - 3rd Anniversary.mp3
size: 150.59 MB
 Milos Miladinovic - Mild 'N Minty - 3rd Anniversary.mp3
size: 137.73 MB
 Obione - Mild 'N Minty - 3rd Anniversary.mp3
size: 109.90 MB
 Oliver Petkovski - Mild 'N Minty - 3rd Anniversary.mp3
size: 137.21 MB
 Otherworld - Mild 'N Minty - 3rd Anniversary.mp3
size: 135.57 MB
 Pavlin Petrov - Mild 'N Minty - 3rd Anniversary.mp3
size: 138.98 MB
 Punk Buddha Clown - Mild 'N Minty - 3rd Anniversary.mp3
size: 137.36 MB
 Zweis - Mild 'N Minty - 3rd Anniversary.mp3
size: 132.37 MB
 indianX - Mild 'N Minty - 3rd Anniversary.mp3
size: 133.60 MB

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