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another day in history of tribalmixesdotcom. we slow down on posting new torrents because no seeders are wishing to seed, not many people are leeching. so basically a single person is seeding everything, couple guys seed few. we need more support, because new users are coming right now pretty often, so after we have about 1.5-2k users we'll implement our RATIO SYSTEM back, and that means that some of the worst sharer accounts will be disabled, some users will have to wait to get new files etc.

you should clearly realize that now is the right time to upload and share your own torrents too. please read faq and check links menu on the left to get more info on how to make torrents and stuff. if you have some new fresh mixes - share them. and the reason to be active is : site is very new and just growing up, so those of you who act now will sure have all good priviligies later, when strict rules will come back to action. :)

uploader team is just getting packed, so if you think you can easily get new mixes in future and have something already, then start uploading right now, choose carefully what to and share it. someone from staff is here all the time, so your activity will be definitely noted and rewarded as an invitation to join team of uploaders. also we are in strong need of people with large bandwidth. many cable users are usually bounded within 40-50kb/s for upload, so if someone has a good bandwidth and wants to participate in this site - please let stuff know, this will really be much appreciated. :)

also those who get vip or uploader status can personally ask sysop to create a pop3/smtp e-mail box with for address. little nice reward for those who contribute in this site or are very important to creators. becoming a vip is harder than becoming an uploader, i'd say, but first is a lesser class.

thanks to all those who seed and to those who leech too, this way you're showing us you're interested. soon we will make a donate button too. :) [slash]
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