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so we're yet testing out stuff, and please help out if you see any more hanging up the server or other features disabled for some reason, report them to be fixed, thanks! also please read in.. as the website is constantly growing, we would like to ask everyone to think about their share ratios, because very soon rules will be changed on that. the main idea will be - the more you get, the bigger your ratio should be to stay on the website. new users will be able to leech up to 1gb before affected by those strong rules and keep ratio less than <0.10. say 3 gb - you will need to have ratio of 0.20 to keep it up. and so on. yet some more useful info follows here, as there is going to be no more double IP addresses, meaning that no multiple accounts will be allowed, and even if created - will not be managable. and as no more proxying your communication with tracker, just to keep it harder. no more cheating attempts - will get banned right away. and on top of that, current multiple accounts will be collapsed in one visited last, so beware... also hit-and-run strategy will be prosecuted, as if you snatch a torrent in first N hours and do not seed till given ratio or the end of this period, warning is given, few warnings will get you banned. so SEED EVERYTHING YOU'VE GOT. seed, not upload. and try to stay in shape. [slash]
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download → Amsterdam Music Festival 2014 livesets
Amsterdam Music Festival 2014 livesets
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Charly Petrone - InsomniaFM Showcase 038 on TM Radio - 07-Oct-2014