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Hello Everybody!!

We Need Money... Again. as much as it saddens me to start the message with these 3 words, i have to get your attention from the start. yes, we have had no need to ask for money since May 2009, when over a 100 people have answered the call within first week, donating a sum totaling over a thousand dollars, which tribalmixes community really needed and highly appreciated at that time, as you might remember, our old server machine was a bit expensive, gradually draining our accumulated funds, and about a year and a half ago we've decided to transfer to a cheaper (and faster) server, which we did in August 2009, increasing the efficiency of the site and its average response speed, as well as cutting the monthly cost by 40%. donations kept coming, and all together there's been over 200 donations until now..

recently we've eased alot the rules of the Ratio, removing over 90% of the low-ratio warnings and allowing all of us to download more while caring of your Share-Ratio less.. well, that was good for the community, but wasn't so good for the site's funds, since warned users have been a major branch of our funds' growth. now only "happy users" give some money from time to time, averaging $50 a month, and such low amounts only let total funds number decrease, and now we've come to a meager $20 in funds... at least $110 is needed until the beginning of November, and later we'll need more, and in January some more again... this is a monthly thing, - paying server rent, and your donations are the needed to sustain our awesome way of life here, to keep our community intact. and so i repeat again:

WE NEED MONEY. please, as much as you can spare, even 2-3 euros/dollars from 1 person our of every 100 of users will give us enough funds for half a year of rent payments. you can always conveniently see our Total Funds on the right of the Control Panel, every donation will be reflected there within 24hrs (of money transfer). we are accepting donations via PAYPAL, simply click the easy to use button on this page and enjoy the security and safety of dealing with we're also looking for other ways to accept donations, and so far we're able to do so via, although we're unable to set up a nice button yet, thus a way to deal with that would be for you to reply this message or simply send us "donation mail request" any time later with such words "i want to donate $XX via AlertPay, show me how to do it, my email is", and we'll send a request through, which won't even require your registration there, a simple credit card transaction will work fine!! check out if your country is allowed with AlertPay here (over 190 countries allowed), if you're not good with PayPal.. =)

again wanted to mention, donations of $100 and over (or several totaling $200+) will reward you with a PLATINUM Member Status, which basically is V.I.P. with extras (ie better than v.i.p.), but also has its own indicator PLT next to username.. each donor, $1 or $100, will receive a special Star to show everyone that you've donated and supported our community, also Download Debit will be awarded, significantly decreasing your downloads and increasing the Share-Ratio... Plus there are Immortal Points, which are getting more and more popular, there are great ways to spend those points already (like new feature we're having - 9 different sets of Genre Icons, which can be activated for 50-200 points each -; work is being done on RSS subscriptions, that will also be done for Points, soon Uploaders will be able to advertise their torrents with special Cover pics and, of course, in exchange for some Points, etc, etc, and so on, and don't forget, that points can also be traded for Share-Ratio improving credits and debits).

this is it. for now, at least. and we're humbly waiting for your responses, hoping to have a few donations this time, maybe even more than we've had last time, 1.5 years ago.. maybe we won't need to ask for money again for another 2-3 years after this run? let's hope so...

thanks for your attention!!
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