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it has been a while this time, quite a while.. but sooner or later the time comes when this section yells for an update, when it looks simply naked without some new opus from me... well, you've asked for it, so here it goes... hehe.. not really, but still, a few things i'd like you to notice...
  • IDC 2010 is over. there was a bit of teasing in the end from my part, but finally all the Results were announced, all the team winners and personal winners were crowned. to a great surprise, or maybe not so great, Rafraf has won the contest, although with a brand new team. read more here. btw, the biggest surprise this year was the 2nd place winner team Magnats (Slovakia), while in personal (per each dj, unofficial) results one of this team's Djs - MCX - has placed the highest.
  • if you haven't yet gotten hooked on the new Tribalmixes (c) Genre Icons, i recommend you do so. it is yet another great way to waste your (immortal) points, as much as a definite provider of new and hip looks for the site interface. read more here.
  • please specially check out our latest invention - Tribalmixes Icons Set 5 named "EDM Spectrum 2010". in this set, icon of each meaningful EDM genre (16) has a picture of the Most Famoud DJ playing this genre (Cattaneo - prog, Zabiela - tech, etc). read here to know more. and don't hesitate to leave your own suggestions to the "Best Ever DJs in each of (tm) Genres".
  • new RSS development is planned. besides renewing the main thread, making it more accessible and informative and such, it will only be available to registered users. or should i say "they" instead of "it"? yeah, there'll be at least 10 more types of different RSS feeds. more.
  • now (erroneous/rebroadcasts/etc) torrents can easily be suggested for removal with just a few clicks. torrent owner gets notified and should try to remove the torrent asap. reports are posted here, pms are sent out, etc, etc.
  • some of us do not know this simple fact: torrents that don't make it ratio-free (undead/everLife) are removed after 180 days cycle of life. but! if such torrents have main or additional genre set to any of the two (tm)-mixes or (tm)-only genres, they will be made ratio-free then and kept on the site. usually (tm) categories are given to mixes produced specially for (tm), exclusive releases seeing the world on Tribalmixes, mixes recorded off FM, Satellites and Streams specially for (tm) community, etc. more info can be found in this forum thread. this will be available as an RSS feed as well.
  • as i haven't announced before, now there's such a feature called "Silencing"... it can be utilized by moderators to, pardon my language, completely shut somebody up... check F.A.Q. for more...
  • a few minor adjustments were introduced here and there along the way: [e]browser had some design changes and bugfixes, couple of center tabs were updated on control panel; index page is constantly changing its "parts", their location and their design (i hope this doesn't annoy everyone too much); more graphical banners and flyers can be now found on torrents details-pages leading to rather popular or educationally valuable torrents (as in dj-mixes), live party recordings, etc, etc, and so on. work is going on and constantly something is changing, although now i'm planning to spend more time on Tribalmixes Radio, reprogramming its design and features, introducing 2 different streams for trance and house music, and many other cool and awesome new features. but i am looking for a Nice Designer or two, if possible, to relieve me of graphical re-design of the (tm)-radio Interface or to help me out with some Pro-Advice, at the least... if interested and have some time to spare, please contact me. bye for now!! thanks for your time reading this!! (feel free to discuss this news item in forums). [slash]
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    download → Hot Since 82, Lauren Lane, Nathan Barato B2B Carlo Lio, The Mekanism - live at Ya'ah Muul (BPM Portugal 2017) - 16-Sep-2017
    Hot Since 82, Lauren Lane, etc - live at Ya'ah Muul (BPM Portugal 2017) - 16-Sep-2017
    download → Victor Calderone, Dance Department, Detlef - Descend - MMW 2018 Miami - 21-Mar-2018
    Victor Calderone, Dance Department, Detlef - Descend - MMW 2018 Miami - 21-Mar-2018
    download → Winter Music Conference + Miami Music Week + Ultra Music Festival - FULL COLLECTION - March 2018
    Winter Music Conference + Miami Music Week + Ultra Music Festival, etc - FULL COLLECTION - March 2018