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and here we go... newest feature on the website is the RESEED REQUESTS page, which is designed and made for those users, who surf the website and find something they want, but no seeds are listed to download the torrent. in this case you can scroll torrent page down and locate the button to submit a request for this torrent to be reseeded. everyone is truly asked to cooperate and try to fulfill those requests. control panel above with your name and stuff has also been renewed and a link to reseed-request page has been added for your convinience. it is not about uploading torrent on the website again, it is just about seeding this torrent for some time until someone requested has completed the download. it is done because there are many torrents on the website, and some of them are really interesting for new fresh users, but have been dead for a few days or so, and noone wants to reply your added comments with a requests to reseed this torrents. so now it will be much easier for everyone to request those torrents for reseeding and to reseed them as requested. there's also a new section at the bottom of the top ten page with best reseeders. this mechanism is still being tested, so please report all bugs noticed in there. [slash]
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