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This Is The OFFICIAL REPORT on how things are going on and in and around the TribalMixes Community.. things are finally good. finally? yeah... the moving process is finally over. we've switched to a much much better server. now we have Unmetered Bandwidth on a very powerful machine: AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ (Dual Core), 6 GB DDR2-800Mhz RAM, 2x750 GB HDDs, 100Mbps Uplink on 1Gb card. This baby costs 89 euros per month, which comes right now to $127/month, so far we've spent 120 euros on setup and first month fee, "website's funds" atop were adjusted accordingly. with a few possible tweaking-sessions along the way, this server should last for a few years. Server is physically located in Luxembourg now. =)
  • last few days have been hectic, i'll leave all back-door-stuff at the back door and am only going to say here: WE DID IT!! there were bugs, holes and weird things, but so far all of them seem to have been patched. we (slash & Viktor1983) are directing our full attention to all the errors and/or bugs you might encounter, please report them to any one or both of us immediately upon discovery. We're employing newer versions of software that works behind the scenes, such as MySQL & PHP, code and precedences are verified stricter in these newer versions, hence unexpected errors come up, but all the errors that we know of (so far) have been fixed.
  • the process of re-working and re-designing the website is still on and going, you can see some pages still look the old way, but be sure all of them old pages will be changed and updated in the following few weeks/months. all pages (new or old) are functional, and that's most important, but sometimes one wants more than spartan and laconic walls around themselves, one wants eye-candies, visual luxuries... he-he.. so we're trying to make website look newer, somewhat cooler, i'd even say... and main part of this change is New Skins. so far there's only one - [def] White Attack, it's all new and all good, but other skins are yet to be updated. this process takes hours, maybe days for 1 single skin, - so vast they are now, - thus you're to choose which order skins will be changed in through Main-Page-Poll, going on right now just above this post. please, vote, if you haven't done it yet. =) all in all, enjoy the show and let us know what you think of it!!! (discuss this news article) [slash]
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