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4 YEARS!!!
yeah baby!!! today tribalmixes dot com celebrates its 4th Birthday!!! that's right, we're officially 4 YEARS old!!! lots of things happened during these 4 years. our community has grown stronger at some point, and weakened during the world-recess thing, but just to become more tight and more like home. things come and go, the biggest thing came around was IDC, 3 times already it's been coming here and rocking us all into dancing stupors. official uploader-team constantly keeps changing its leaders and everyday soldiers bringing quality music to all of us and not asking for anything back but simply for some respect, i'd rather say - some acknowledgment at the least! did you thank your favorite uploader today? well, take this once a year opportunity to thank your favorite uploaders for their hard labors - they light up every time they see some appreciation note, and to cut away all the rabble, - these guys are the clay that holds together our community, without them we'd all be angry and music-less. great thanks must also go to all who donated money to support the server rent, THANKS ALOT, FRIENDS!!! i personally do know how hard it is sometimes to cut even tiny $5 out of your budget and give it away, that is why each and every donation is supported beyond the normal appreciation barriers. and again, using this space, i'm going to chase my own goals and say my thanks to the biggest supported i've ever had around here - site's administrator Viktor1983: your help, advise and action have been a colossal support over these years!!! Thank You, Brother!!! must not forget moderators and [e]ditors, doing their quiet but most valuable work behind the scenes, - thanks alot to all of you!! all the DJs, who's been bringing their music here to share it with the world - thank you, guys!! all the downloaders and leechers, seeders and snatchers, commenters and posters, quoters and browsers, surfers and readers, listeners and broadcasters, platinums and earthlinks, powerfuls and weakest, every every every member of this wonderful community - thank you for being here, thanks for being with us!!!
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