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high hi! or hi high? we're very pleased to say that and we were waiting for a half a year to say this : tribalmixes dot com finally stepped into the big world of clubmusic scene. our part of the scene is 100% legal except for a couple of misunderstandings with radio network department, easily resolvable if they contact us, so we're going to stick around for very long and website will be always full of fresh zero-week club and radio mixes and live videos. big thanks goes to all uploaders, who's giving us all this music without asking anything back but your gratitude, to say better they just want you guys to leave comments, rate torrents, maybe say how you liked or disliked the music, cause this is the only thing an uploader gets for his work. honestly, if we made some money off of this project, we would share it all equally between all uploaders to cheer them up somehow, but now all possible donations are saved for rent of our server, pity...

soon all of you guys will receive a message from the system, asking you to take 2-3 minutes and something couple of things on the website. please take that time, because it is only for you this is done and it is explained in the letter. help our uploaders find out what music and djs you want most, what mixes you like best and they will bring you MORE of that music. seriously, every day hundreds of djs are performing in clubs, 1000s of mixes flying around... the more you show how you appreciate uploaders' work, the more music and pleasure you get. and the first thing to do is...
select your top 10 djs.. [slash]
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download → Matthew Matheson, John Noir, Sivro - Time Differences 211 on TM Radio - 22-May-2016
Matthew Matheson, John Noir, Sivro - Time Differences 211 on TM Radio - 22-May-2016
download → Seth Troxler - Live at Fabric (London) - 19-Sep-2015
Seth Troxler - Live at Fabric (London) - 19-Sep-2015