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Rules and Regulations. ver.0.99.1.beta. 22-dec-2008.


  • 03-Jan-2009 ... 10-Jan-2009 - Preparation Period - Teams will be allowed to register at this period, registrations will be closed 23:59:59 GMT00 website time on January 10th, 2009.
  • 11-Jan-2009 ... 24-Jan-2009 - Submission Period - At this time frame competitors must submit all their info and their music, teams that do not fulfill all the requirements of the Registration and Music Submission by 23:59:59 GMT00 website time on January 24th will be DROPPED from the competition.
  • 25-Jan-2009 ... 14-Feb-2009 - Judgment Period - Honorary Judges and Official Listeners will be given competition music (as direct download from the website), by the end of this Period all their grades/ratings must be submitted in full according to the pledged position. if one's commitment is left incompletely submitted by 23:59:59 GMT00 on 14 February 2009, that jury member will be dropped from the competition's staff.
  • 15-Feb-2009 ... 28-Feb-2009 - Finalizing Period - This two-week-period will start with the OFFICIAL RESULTS on February 15th, 2009. this will be followed by Uploading Torrents and SHARING the IDC 2009 MUSIC with all the community. then open-Rating will commence, allowing all the downloaders rate djs and their performances, and on 28th of February PUBLIC RESULTS will be announced.

    Entering the Competition.
  • NEW :: only complete teams of 3 (three) DJs will be allowed to enter the contest this year.
  • NEW :: all three Djs DO NOT have to be from the same country. each dj will be able to select their own country, plus cumulative country will be possible to assign to the whole team, but that is to be decided amongst teams' members.
  • NEW :: maximum 20 teams will be accepted!!! Please note this limitation. Since there are pretty much no fair ways to select one team ahead of another given more than 20 teams want to participate, the only possible solution will be FIRST COME - FIRST SERVED. Registration will be open at 00:00 on January 3rd, so please make time in your schedule to visit as close to that moment as possible.
  • NEW :: all 3 (three) DJs' names must be entered at the moment of registering a team!!! if only 1 or 2 names are entered - team is dropped from the contest to give way to the next registered team of 3 DJs.
  • NEW :: team CAN NOT be changed after making the 20 accepted ones. please make sure all DJs on your team are willing to participate. teams that request change of a member will be automatically dropped from the competition.
  • teams that do not make the fist 20 will still be allowed to stick around for the "unofficial ratings", thus their music will not be given to judges, but will be released with all other teams' music as torrents after the official results are published. also such teams can auto-enter the competition if some of the first 20 teams are dropped for none-compliance with Entering or Music Submission rules and requirements.

    Requirements for Submission of Music.
  • technical: each DJ has to provide 1hr long recording of live dj session. only MP3 format is accepted. music has to be at least 192kbps 44khz quality, 128kbps is also accepted, with explanation of the reasons. good quality vbr with an average of 160kbps or around that will also be accepted.
  • NEW :: teams do not need to provide different music genres, such actions will not be awarded with bonuses this year. As a matter of fact, there will be NO bonuses or deductions in IDC 2009. failure to satisfy rules this year only results in one action - drop from the competition and replacement by next waiting team.
  • as it was stated last 2 years, we're trying to insist on first hand musical experience, meaning all dj mixes, all entries are strongly recommended to be exclusively premixed or recorded specially for this competition, with a great expectation of keeping the music unaired and never-publicly-heard until all of the teams' music sets are revealed to the world, until official results are published.
  • NEW :: each mp3 has to be accompanied by TRACK LIST by the time Submission Period ends. all track titles must include name, artist(s) and remix name and artist(s) if applicable. presented track lists can have NO MORE than 2 IDs, i.e. only two (2) track names can be hidden with IDs instead of titles. use of DJs' own productions are strongly encouraged and recommended, since IDC music torrents are exposed to vast numbers of people throughout long periods of time, - it is in DJs' own interests and is left to be decided by DJs.

    Grand-Jury. Its features and Responsibilities.
  • NEW :: JUDGING WILL BE BLIND in IDC 2009. this means that all mp3s will be cleansed from their IDv123 tags, then they will be "shuffled" and naming will be changed to 1.mp3, 2.mp3 etc to exclude any possible biased judging. Judges will only be able to guess who is playing what set by knowing personally that dj's music, tracks and style, which really has nothing to do with IDC and only relies on dj-judge past relations, otherwise any other ways of knowing the names will be eliminated.
  • NEW :: there will be no Supporters this year, Only the JUDGES, CONTESTANTS and LISTENERS. all users can become a part of IDC by signing up as a Judge or Listener, depending on the amounts of "free" time and the size of the wish to help out the community, this is a very good way to GIVE BACK - become a Judge or a Listener.
  • Honorary IDC 2009 JUDGES will be required to allow at lease 3 hours of "free" time per day for 3 weeks of the Judgment Period. "free" time could be classified as "time when one can listen to the music". there will be 20 teams and 21 days to listen to 60 hours of music and submit ratings and comments on those sets. Judges will be required to comment blindly as well. their comments will be posted to the torrents when latter are shared. of course Judges can receive upgrade to V.I.P. level for the competition times and most likely keep it afterward as a token of appreciation of their labors.
  • Official IDC 2009 LISTENERS can only download mixes as torrents when the Judgment period is over. there will be no other way for them to obtain the music of the competition before that, since there's no need to blind Listeners on their judgment as their ratings will only affect the Unofficial Results. A Listener will be required to download at least 51% of the torrents to vote in the FINAL_Main_Page_POLL about the best team in IDC 2009.

  • TribalMixes shows as quite a poor community, struggling to keep website's funds as high as just 2 monthly server payments ahead of the schedule, so there's never been and will most likely be no valuable prizes this year. Reading this, if you can ask your boss to sponsor a prize for IDC 2009 winner - don't hesitate and do it!! =) usually you don't get beat up just for asking...
  • As none-monetary-value prizes, there's of course almost 1 Year of your teams' and team-members' names being displayed on the main page of, allowing people to get to know DJs for long long time after the contest is finished. The music of the winners of IDC 2009 is heard by at least 1500-2000 people around the world through the next year (over 1000 snatches on torrent, 200-500 radio listeners on separate occasions, 100-300 downloaders on other sites by methods other than torrents).
  • All djs-participants are gladly accepted at TribalMixes Radio to host their shows, whether they just want to rebroadcast on our station or start a brand new project right there. also any torrents shared with the names of IDC 2009 contestants automatically become ratio-free.

    after reading all this, please feel free to drop by the OFFICIAL IDC 2009 DISCUSSIONS FORUM THREAD, post your suggestions and concerns, everyone is welcome. only try not to ask questions like "when is it all starting?" or "how do i get in?", cause those and many other nagging ones were answered above... [slash]
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