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there's alot to say and many things to be announced, and it has been a long time, so i'll try to put a lot into smaller package to be easier to read maybe... 1) first of all, highly requested before but completely overlooked now, Best Torrent of the Week option on the details page of any torrent. i know, yellow buttons - recent innovation - have been good to many and bad to some, - and this one is also from this series, shown by a button with 2-1-3 on it as shown on the left.. every week you can give your vote for 1 torrent by going to its details and clicking this picture (or text link), and confirming your selection. first in the list of 10 best published torrents also goes on the main page. read more right here
2) now, there will be no more Ratio Free Mondays, with all due respect such a nice feature haven't ad any attention besides 2-3 shoutbox messages over the summer time, more is written here, in two words - almost 1 whole month of ratio free days in summer only helped 200 people to get rid of their warnings, and another 400 to grow their ratio, which is upsetting and disturbing at the same time, thus i (backed up by some of the staff team) decided to stop Ratio-Free Mondays, summer is over and so are some of the summer fun things, including this one. but don't be too sad, this feature is to come many times in the future.
3) the problem of Wrongly Categorized Torrents is getting somewhat bigger and bigger. all user classes have been noticed to mis-genre some of their uploads, upsetting downloaders by that, when they receive minimal instead of tribal. this problem has raised some tension in forums, and the only reasonable way out seems to be instant comments by downloaders on the wrong-categorized torrents for uploader to edit, and actual time spending by uploaders involving listening to the mix that they want to share, at least by browsing its contents in 2-3 minutes and having some vague, but at least real impression of the music in the torrent, so that minimal sounds disguised as tribal wouldn't attract many tribal-heads and vice-verse. if this problem persists and keeps bothering our community, further measures will be taken: such torrents will be removed, causing their owners to temporarily lose uploading privileges.
4) some changes are being introduced to the [e]-browser.. it will become faster, slicker, finer, but will include pagination for the active torrents and history, as well as new 'do i have this one' column, new 'get .torrent file' column, with many other nice features, basically all produced through filtering torrents by suggested-noticed other [e]ntities.
5) and of course IDC 2009 is coming very soon... again only 3 months left, time to start gathering people together, registering teams and even preparing the music.... teams are mostly agreed by community to downsize to 3 DJs per team, as well as International rule to be dropped, although this last one isn't set final just yet. also IDC 2009 will have some catches, like using Dj's own tracks or remixes or any other productions in the mix, possibly with links to where those tracks are present to download or purchase, to prove the ownership of course, cause that will give teams extra points, as long as possibly to-be-kept last year's rule of bonuses for all entries of one team being distinctly different musical genres. time to start talking about this as well...
=) hope you've had some good times reading this.. i'm thinking of making new ways of news publishing and delivering as a news-letter as well, sending emails with new news when these news are published here. what do you think?? thanks for your time!! [slash]
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