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good good good good good good good good good news.... yeah, i would say so... and why? because tomorrow is our 3rd ANNIVERSARY, yeah, TribalMixes was founded on a perfect day of 5-5-5 three years ago, out of first thousand registered (somewhere by mid fall 05, i think) at that time, only 30 are left to see this day, many a wonderful person, including admin, mods, current and ex-uploaders, djs, vip-s and power users, in fact, only 5 of them are of class 'user', rest are pu+. all in all, it's been intense all these years, it's been interesting, i love you all!! happy birthday!!! and as it is hard to give gifts to the website (and we did present server with more brains earlier, so it counts, kinda..), so it's the website's turn to give presents to all!!! take a better sitting position, cause you're about to be blown away... and read on...
  • from this day forward, we're all going to seize the beginning of each week with more happy thoughts, cause every MONDAY will be the RATIO-FREE DAY, for downloading that is, but in a different way - nothing downloaded will be stored in your account on mondays, of course uploading will be saved and reported (so do keep seeding, please).
  • ratio-free will be done in a manner not like the known everlife torrents, where we get awards after completion, although everlifes will still produce awards for what you report downloaded, so it's like double ratio free on mondays for them.. want to improve your ratio? download everlifes on mondays!!!
  • and more to this, to celebrate the website's birthday, we're having MONDAY every day the WHOLE WEEK starting May 5th, so it's going to be 8 days of intensive downloading without ratio damage, and yet good ratio improvement for those who seed!!!
  • and to pump up these happy days with hundreds of fresh mixes, we are amnestying all power users' mistakes as of tomorrow night, and it's about a 100 of possible torrent uploaders, who had their uploading rights revoked earlier for any reason.. to all who this affects, please take our great welcome and try and upload torrents again, but do, do read rules first, as they've been slightly changed and updated, do check first not to end up with doubles, rebroadcasts or yet worse - illegal torrents. you will still be 'punished' for your mistakes, just freshly amnestied you can lose your newly re-acquired privileges in no time, and that is the main addition to the rules. just to be sure more users get to read it all, next three dots are the new rules' additions.
  • new uploading radio shows, keep host and guest(s) in same torrent, do not separate them (use folders). [this 'new' rule and the next one are merely our customs being put into the rightful words, since for our newer members it is harder to learn our ways nowadays, especially with 20k people, but these two are easy and of the great importance, so please do keep in mind...]
  • new when fuller/better/longer/fancier version of a show/mix/party is uploaded, shorter/worse/incomplete torrents of same events must be deleted. [this basically means torrents and music/videos with better quality and higher bitrate, or an hour longer mix, or more guest mixes were included in the showtime and played but not released, or show was aired on another radio station in fuller version, these 'better' torrents will replace their smaller versions be that such torrents were uploaded earlier. of course if those earlier versions have made it everlife by the time better ones were found, they will stay on the website, unless uploaders themselves remove them.]
  • new and finally, most important, we're redoing the faulty torrent removal system... now bad torrents will be categorized and actions on removal and punishments will be taken according to these types: rebroadcast (1), double/fake (3), illegal (00).. weird smiley faces next to types aren't smiling, they're mean and mean months of losing your uploading privileges, if someone from staff removes your faulty torrent. that is rebroadcast (hard to check/know sometimes, right?) is an easy offense, but if you don't remove such a torrent in timely manner after finding out about its double identities, staff will remove it and you will be stopped from uploading torrents for 1 month. not checking for doubles, or finding something fishy on some public networks and sharing it here with following research proving its fake natures, please erase your torrent, or staff will and again you lose it for 3 months. illegal uploads strike the zeeero, that is still punished with complete and total revocation of privileges.
  • a little addition to all said right above.. these 'punishments' will be progressing, that means in case you happen to make more than 1 mistake of a kind, your revocation period will be DOUBLED from last probation length for this same mistake, so a rebroadcast will give you 2 months of no uploads on second time if happens for you to share one (1m*2=2m), then third offense will give 4 months probation (2m*2=4m), and oh well, 4th mistake will put you out for 8 months, and so on... be careful with fakes and rebroadcasts, cause those will revoke your rights right for half a year, and a full year on 3rd offence...
  • that is it.. please, download responsibly!! and enjoy the shows! =) [discuss this wonderful news here] [slash]
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