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hello, hullo and welcome-welcome-welcome!!!
looks like a 1.5 months long time-out was taken from the news, but not from the website development work in general. many things are being done on the background, oh yeah, like take at least this discussion we're having in the staff forum section about "giving everyone a huge slack on the ratio thing", which should basically look out for the average users here, or suffering from the ratio rules.. maybe these rules will be eased a bit, maybe there will be some off-record downloading days, we're soon to find out!!

in the mean time, work is going on some luxury features tat i think will be very helpful and are aimed to enlighten your stay here at, these are not type of changes we've seen earlier with the whole system reformed, these will be mostly represented with new small icons around the website pages, that will react to your mouse placed above them by loading (only then and there, so virtually there will be no increase in the final html-page size) specific preprogrammed, but of course dynamically generated on the "cook-per-order basis" pages, so well.... we'll simply see that soon... as some have probably noticed the [MY...] tab on the control panel in top-left corner have already been undergoing some changes for a little while now, in the nearest future it will be possible to mark some torrent you want to 'watch' and follow, simply like bookmark it, and this [MY...] tab will provide quick info on those torrents at any time (new comments posted, everlife status etc)... same goes for forum topics.. and more other cool stuff.. soon-soon-soon...

our record of maximum online users have been growing recently, now at 289 or higher, which is about 20 more than the number was sitting unbeaten there for quite a few months. so yeah, nice to see everyone here, and enjoy your stay... cause it's just about to get even more comfortable... [slash]
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