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and the Judgment Day has come!!!
this was intense, and a lot of work, but we're at the Final Destination now and a few things need to be said right now. as many have noticed, different teams were penalized, as promised, for late mp3 submissions. Egypt1 and BG Team - 5% each, for being 1 day late, and Egyptian Grooves and Electro Mania were both fined 10%, which has really driven these 2 to the bottom. on the contrary, there were several 5% bonuses given out to those teams, whose music was noticed to be clearly representing five (5) distinctly different EDM genres. those teams were Egypt 1, Sound Pressure, Brothers In Law, Egyptian Beat Enforcers, House Republic, BG team and Electronic Pimps. little analysis of this would help anyone see, that IDC 08 winner Renesanz have won without any bonuses and penalties, and second place winner Egypt 1 have done so pretty much also without any bonuses ( -5% + 5% = 0% bonus). then again places 3, 4 and 5 were occupied by teams with bonuses that have also submitted their music on time. if submitted their music in time, BG team could have shared 4th place with Brothers In Law... and if you're good in some other style - play it to earn 5% bonus, cause you will definitely earn something, even if risking your final Personal score, 'cause personal Loss of that divided by 5 in your teams final Score will be more than covered by 5% bonus on that Score (with simple math we see, that loss even if your Personal score ends up 1 point less than all others, 1/5th of that on the Teams Score will be covered by 5% bonus as a fraction of 1/4th in the final number...)

ok ok enough of that. in a few hours new main-page Polls Series will be born, each new poll for next few weeks, or months, will be related to IDC 08, everyone who's downloaded at least 1 IDC torrent will be able to vote in those polls. again a little later there will be some changes done to the idc final pages so that sorting by scores could be done on each of 3 aspects of the final scores included. in the meantime, lets celebrate and talk about it and do all kinds of stuff.. and to mention, all judges were rewarded with 10k immortal points each, listeners with 5k and supporters with 2k. i'm also sorry to inform, but those judges, listeners and supporters in total of 127 people that have signed up but never did enough to keep their status or anything at all, were banned from coming back to try and fail in next competitions. [slash]
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