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hey, we're on our way to a dedicated server rent. a few people donated, thanks a lot. for all of you guys who chose yes, but i've got no money in the poll above, there's a good solution for you - click ads which are displayed on the torrent details pages. you can do it like once every time you visit and download a torrent. as for questions about how much it can give to website, we can say, read forums..

for thos who uploads new torrents. remember, you have to SEED them for at least 24 hours or till well seeded. uploading a torrent and asking others to seed is not a good way to share. we want all of the users to be able to upload torrents, but if this erroneous uploading persists we'll limit that to official uploaders. please be careful and open torrents for seeding in your clients. also if you have a red triangle next to your dname - you've got a ratio warning. your account will be deleted and ip banned, if you do not act immediately. it is not a joke, maybe fewer users wanting to share is better than many more leechers, who don't want to give back. [slash]
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Behrouz - ZEROCAST 003 - 03-May-2016
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KatrinKa - Dear Deer Radioshow 008 - May 2016
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Aruna - Enhanced Sessions 358 - 08-Jul-2016