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it's been a quiet month... well, now a few things can be said on what's going on here... tribalmixes Lottery hasn't got much attention, many people prefer not to hear about it at all, especially warned users, which is insane - but true. just recenly several users have tried to exploit website rules as for commenting on torrents using their native language. it is not right, and not really smart, because if staff were to exploit the rules as well... well, it doesn't say in rules, that sysop can not ban users for no reason, does it? if you are smart enough to bring up rules like that, please be considerably smart to simply extend shoutbox/forum rules on commenting torrents, and that will surely make you a better member of this community, but not them comments like "rules don't say nothing, so we can comment in our own language".

a few words here about the [e]-browser... if you have noticed, its database is growing constantly, many djs, clubs, show and radios are being added, more to that : [b]global ratings have been added[/b] as to show the position of djs, radios and shows amongst their kind. ratings are showing global popularity position, and also if that popularity score is higher than 300, position by average rating. please be so kind and rate [e]-records showing up for every torrent, not only it is rewarded with immortal points, but also brings more determination in those ratings, makes them more meaningful. also periodical scans of new torrents activate corresponding banners (if present) for [e]-records, so if you keep noticing banners of John Digweed alot in last hours, it most likely means that there's some new torrent by JD uploaded, check the torrents page, simply click JD's namelink on banner or the banner healine link to see or even just jump to the most recent upload.

and for those reasons, for everything to work automatically completely right, please make sure you spell names of djs, radios, shows etc the right way, correct way. after uploading a torrent check if djs have been distinguished and their names are showing up on details page. if not, check the names spelled correctly, search the [e]-browser to see if still nothing, take a little time and show that you do care about your uploads, about users and everything else. thank you! [slash]
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