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just a few words about new features we're having...
  • undead/everLife torrents are free of ratio to download, download debit awards are given to snatchers
  • immortal points can be traded for many cool things, including extra lottery tickets
  • each user can get 1 complimentary LOTTERY ticket for every drawing (held once a day), prizes up to 1000points!!
  • FEATURED DJ torrents are also RATIO-FREE for all to download and enjoy! remember to seed them later, because they give the best immortal rating improvement you can get for seeding torrents, which is also a new feature.
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    download → Armin Van Buuren - Live at Ushuaia (Ibiza) - 07-Aug-2014
    Armin Van Buuren - Live at Ushuaia (Ibiza) - 07-Aug-2014
    download → TomorrowWorld 2014, Atlanta
    TomorrowWorld 2014, Atlanta
    download → Apollonia - Essential Mix - 25-Oct-2014
    Apollonia - Essential Mix - 25-Oct-2014