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hey everyone, you have probably noticed we're undergoing some layout changes on the website, new options are added and everyone is welcome to go ahead and set up their age, gender, location and title (if shown), let's open it up a little bit and tell everyone about yourselves. same way you can post short info about yourselves or set up your personal signature, which will be added to each forum post or torrent comment of yours. all these new features are available through new and improved OUTLOOK section. set up new website skin, number of torrents per page or just change your password or e-mail - all these and many other things can be done using the OUTLOOK link on your left.

this is not all. many new things are being planned, some of them like immortal rating are already being utilized and used. this new feature has to do with immortal points that you get for being active on the website, soon them points will also be awarded for simply seeding torrents. in the nearest future everyone will be able to exchange those points for something they need or want, including power title, upload credits, download debits and more. undead torrents and featured djs' torrents will become free of ratio, which means after downloading them you will receive special award points, that you'll be able to apply towards downloads decreased. all this and much, much more is being programmed as you read, everything is done to make your life on tribalmixes easier and more enjoyable. adieu! [slash]
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download → Markantonio - live at Club4 (Barcelona) - 04-Feb-2016
Markantonio - live at Club4 (Barcelona) - 04-Feb-2016
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Frangellico - Trippin - 01-Feb-2016
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Holy Ship 2016 - 12-Mar-2016