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time is going, and apparently 4 weeks have passed since first torrents were uploaded to the tracker. in about 8-9 hours 2 of them will be removed from site. so we decided to bring a little more fun into browsing pages on this site and tribalmixes dj list was added. there you can find some of the dj whose mixes were shared here and read their life stories. even more, power users can add new djs to that list. and even more - stats on djs and their mixes on tracker. that includes number of torrents, snatch count and more. just check top ten page. and for those who wants to upload mixes - can help you decide.

if someone reads this, you should get disappointed right now, because we have brought back the ratio system, so now you have to wait some time before you can get new files, if your share ratio isn't good enough. you can completely get rid of it by becoming a power user, thus uploading 10gb. oe decrease waiting time by (again and again) uploading and sharing, read more in faq. also for those who are trying to upload or seed torrents - you will not have to wait to seed new torrents even if there's some time listed at the browse page. [slash]
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download → Wouter S - live at STRAF WERK (Rotterdam) - 05-Mar-2016
Wouter S - live at STRAF WERK (Rotterdam) - 05-Mar-2016
download → LIVESETS FROM Ya'ah Muul 2 (Culprit Stage), Palapa Kinha (The BPM 2016, Mexico) - 16-Jan-2016
LIVESETS FROM Ya'ah Muul 2 (Culprit Stage), etc - 16-Jan-2016
download → Julietta - MODU-LAR 008 - 21-Apr-2016
Julietta - MODU-LAR 008 - 21-Apr-2016